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  1. Belated congratulations Super Mario and wishing you well! xx
  2. Finollie, I don't know of anyone that's had their insurance premium increased because of the SAH. I believe that insurance companies cannot increase your premium, if the DVLA has said and given the okay, that you're fit to drive ... Your insurance company may want to see the copy of the letter from the DVLA, telliing you, that you are fit to drive. It's much better to declare your situation, rather than having an insurance company not paying out, when you need it ...I would always advise for anybody to declare their medical history to their insurance company, irrespecive of having your licence revoked, as they would perhaps refuse to pay out. I never had my driving licence revoked and declared my problems voluntary to both the DVLA and Insurance company. At the time of my SAH, I had a work colleague, who unfortunately had a brain tumour, but gave sage advice. I had a third nerve palsy to my right eye and seizures during my spell in hospital...some of those seizures were the hospitals fault with their lack of due care and attention. A third nerve palsy meant that I had double vision. The DVLA were happy for me to drive, as long as I corrected the double vision with either an eye patch or glasses fitted with a prism, when driving. I believe that if you've been declared fit to drive and it's been confirmed by the DVLA and you have evidence as such, that insurance companies can't discriminate and up your premium.
  3. Hi Joe, I think that it would be worthwhile for you to make an appointment with your GP and get checked out. We often put a lot of our symptoms post SAH down to the bleed and sometimes they're aren't. I used to blame the SAH for everything and would just plod along and struggle. However, I've now got a good GP who gives me blood tests each year to make sure that I'm not deficient in any vitamins/minerals etc. At one point I was seriously low in calcium and vit D and at the point of nearly having to be put onto a drip and hospitalised. I was also low in folic acid/B12. All of these factors contributed to excess fatigue/restless legs/muscles twitches etc. Joe, please make an appointment and ask your GP to rule out any other underlying cause. It could be something that's easily fixed ... don't do what I did and keep struggling ... It will also give you peace of mind. Good luck and wishing you well. x
  4. Yep, it's a 10 minute appointment at the GP's down here too or you have to book a double appointment if you want longer....that's if you can find a double appointment available. x
  5. Hi Dee, it might be worth having some blood tests done? Not sure of your age, but certainly worth to see if you're defiecient in anything .... I was found to be be lacking in Vit D, Calcium, Iron etc ... don't give up! xx
  6. Bill, it's lovely to have you back! You shouldn't feel guilty for the decisions of others ... If somebody is going to commit suicide, they've already made up their own mind and I would doubt that you could have saved them, unless you were there at the actual time. I know of a few people who've done the same and the devastation that it causes. However, you also need to have some self preservation for yourself ... if you're not personally in a good place, then you can't help others, so be kind to yourself first and the rest will follow. Take care Bill. x
  7. Bill, forgive my short term memory, but you came to the Nottingham SAH meet ... at Donna's pub? I know that you left early-ish ... I also think that I can remember how much it took, for you to attend...and I remember your honesty on these forums. Over the years and since you left the forum .... I can see how anxiety and depression affects us post SAH... I've witnessed a lot more honesty and I know that it's hard to say that you're struggling .... I'm still on a learning curve and pretty much have the same fallout as you have. It's a tough ride ... I still don't have the answers to any of it and it's literally just putting one step forward and seeing what tomorrow brings... I'm sure that you bring comfort to your family, as in still having you around .... Life chucks lemons at us ... in many ways... I'm a couple of years further on from you post SAH .... it is tough when you have a massive fallout, physically and mentally and all depending on what part of your brain has been affected and what's going on in your current life...and what you have to manage. It doesn't matter what you've been in control of previously ... it's a sense of bereavement and I feel that too ... I don't feel anger, but perhaps a sense of frustration when I can't juggle all of those balls that are expected of me ... I can't do what I used to do, but I feel that I'm still here .... trying my best to manage it all and also trying to be the best that I can manage, with my family and children and having this extra time with them. Sending hugs and love to you .... you're not alone. xx
  8. Win, I think that I was still doolally when my kids thought that this site was a good idea at 12 months post SAH! Little did I realise, that it would still be running in 2018! Think that I would have run a mile to be honest! It's been run on a wing and a prayer and when I was still recovering myself and still going through all of the issues that I see from members now. It's been a combination of good, sometimes not so good lol and steep learning curves with running the site... but it's been great therapy for me, to see how each of us, have passed on our own experiences, info, support and love for our fellow SAH'ers and their carers and family. That's why I continue with it. xx
  9. Bless you Win! Wow! I was only one year into my recovery when Lauren started this thread....it's brought back memories of how my SAH impacted on the whole family. I'm glad to say that we've all come a long way since 2006! xx
  10. Admin note to members: In order for this thread to continue and due to a member completely deleting text from their posts on this subject, I've had to heavily edit/delete replies in order to make sense of the conversation for new members. I've salvaged what I can, rather than closing the thread.
  11. Win, funny that you say that about ear piercing .... my Doc did my ear piercing when I was 16, as I had an allergy to certain metals. Unfortunately, he pierced the left lobe too far down, which is the one with the crease and I reckon that the weight of some of the earrings that I used to wear, has also added to the crease.....in fact it's now a V shape!
  12. Yes, I've had one for years on my left ear lobe and was aware that it's a potential indicator. However, I've a tendency to sleep mainly on my left side, so I'm a bit more wrinkly on that side of my face! x
  13. Admin note: In order to stay on topic in the medical forums this thread has been edited and artwork and replies can be found on the following thread started in the Green Room....just click your mouse on the title below. x
  14. Ask your Doc for a blood test to see if you're deficient in any vitamins or minerals .... it could be a simple fix. I was found to be lacking in iron, calcium/vit D post SAH. x
  15. Jan, I can only say that this year, I'll be 12 years on, post SAH. I shall also be 55 in August. Every year, since the SAH, I've experienced better recovery .... I've been going through the menopause as well...and still having the drop in hormones. It's a tough road to travel, but I've done more this year, than I've ever done post SAH, so take heart! 2 years ago, I finally went to the Docs and got anti-depressants for my anxiety (I'm still on them) ... I also had stuff going on in my personal life. I struggled. I just wish that I had accepted help earlier and life since, has been a lot better and on a much more even keel.... I've also had balance problems and still do at certain times .... go and speak to your GP and be honest with him/her ... I've always felt that for me, the two year stage, was the starting point in my recovery.... figuring it out and discovering that I was living in a body and brain, that didn't feel like me. I rarely post on the site now, but I know how important mental health is ... please go and see your GP.... I wish that I hadn't been quite so stubborn, there's help out there and I hope that you guys won't leave it as long as me, to seek it. xx
  16. Kelley, I have an infundibula on the left hand side of my brain. I believe that it's an abnormal shaped artery. It hasn't caused me any problems. Ask your Doc the questions that you need to ask. xx
  17. Congratulations Clare on reaching your two year anni-versary. I've always felt that the first couple of years are perhaps the hardest with the many changes that we have to make. Hope that you enjoy your day and celebrate how much you've achieved. Sending a big hug to you. xx
  18. Karen

    Joanna's Story

    I had my SAH on the 2/7/16 coiled 4/7/16. I was driving back from shopping with my partner and 3 year old daughter we had a heated discussion that's when it happened the worse pain I've ever felt my neck went stiff head was banging and felt very sick. I had been suffering funny headaches since April and been given migrealeve,cocodamol and told numerous times by GP I was suffering with migraines. My partner drive us home and I went to bed and slept for 12 hours he woke me and I couldn't lift my head so he rang the hospital and no ambulances were available so we went waited 3 hours in A&E to see a doctor who ordered a ct scan. They said I had a bleed and would be transferred to Salford Royal for more test it was there they found the aneurysm 11mm x 6mm had this coiled. I also have another which is 4 mm and they decided to watch this one. I find it hard to switch off at night although I'm very tired still ...I'm taking paracetamol and ibuprofen most days and feel hungover every morning.... very fatigued after the smallest tasks but I am improving. Luckily I have no memory problems just get very irritated and don't have the patience I had previous. I was back driving after my 3 month check up with consultant. I've not felt like going back to work just yet ....my 3 year old keeps me very busy..
  19. The battery analogy is a very good one .. I only managed 5 hours per day, in a paid working capacity post SAH... plus fitting in travelling to and from and housework/cooking, before and after ... and I know that I pushed myself to the absolute limit and I couldn't always remember the drive home ... which isn't good! x
  20. Hi Luke, So sorry to hear your news .... I'm just hoping that you've contacted Social Services/or you've been offered the additional help that you need? x
  21. Louise, many congratulations on your 17th year! It's been my privilege to have walked some of those 17 years alongside you and watch your confidence grow. Thank you for all of your support. Love and hugs to you. xx
  22. Luke, I used to have a sweet tooth before the SAH ... afterwards, I couldn't stand anything sweet, so I'm the opposite of your Mum. Even toothpaste made me gag and it would set my teeth on edge. Then I tried the more natural toothpastes with bicarbonate of soda that were salty and that did the same! It's still on a learning curve, even this many years on ... it's trial and error to be honest. I know of a few members who've had their "taste" senses altered after the SAH, so I can only presume that it's a bit of damage to the brain. I also know of someone who completely lost their sense of taste and another who said that everything, apart from mashed potato tasted of sewerage! However, I now feel (and I'm 11 years on) that my sweet tooth has partially returned and I'm learning to enjoy the odd bar of chocolate and slice of cake, but I can also say no to it ... it depends on how my energy levels are now ... but the short term craving of chocolate isn't always good when your energy is low .... The odd square/s of plain/dark chocolate is probably the better option ... it helps to improve your mood ... you will have to look it up! Have you tried your Mum with something like Flapjack? It has oats in it and the sweetness that she perhaps craves, but it releases energy slowly, rather than having energy spikes with refined sugar.... it's lovely! x
  23. Luke, I also had a thinning of my hair and very dry skin too, after the coiling .... I was told that it was down to shock and my hormones were all over the place too.... such is the brain and what it controls. It's all okay now.... Is she keeping hydrated and drinking enough? If she takes a bath and her skin is very dry, try Oilatum bath for dry skin (you can get it from supermarket) ... it's pretty greasy, it's not cheap and it will leave a bit of a ring mark around the bath tub that will need scrubbing, but it's great! .... very natural and soothing for dry skin. If I remember rightly, you can get this on prescription too or you used to be able to, but it's probably cheaper at the supermarket now, unless she's entitled to free prescriptions. I'm not sure what your Mum uses for her hair ... but try the Dove products ... they're pretty good and quite gentle on the scalp and hair ... Also, if nutrition is a problem, then perhaps a trip to the Docs to see if she's deficient in anything? xx
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