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  1. I went to an A & E in the beginning because I had no idea that being stressed and anxious could make you feel so sick. You did well to rest it out it took me a long time to learn that one. I now have to breathe and ask myself if if feels the same as the original event. When I get to grips with the fact the answer is no I can control my panic. i have to remind myself that anxiety raises adrenaline which is the flight or fight response. I think my ears become super sensitive to hear the enemy. But I'm my own enemy!
  2. Hi. I had my sah 3 years ago and my ears have been my biggest problem. I am very sensitive to noise and my ears feel blocked or full. I was referred to an ENT doctor who first of all did not believe that I had a brain Haemorrhage as I had not had a procedure to fix it so I must have got my facts wrong. If only! He then said it was due to being exposed to loud noise and I shouldn't use headphones. I never have. Once I got over this upset I decided the only way forward was self help. I monitored my ears and noticed that they changed from unbearable to ok at similar times each month. I then researched this and read that vestibular disorders in women can be intensified by hormone levels. I think it's to do with fluid retention. so now I am taking a female specific vitamin tablet. Try to avoid salt too much sugar alcohol and caffeine. I also try to exercise even if it's only long walks as this reduces my stress levels which definately make my ears worse. This has not cured me but has made the symptoms lessen considerably and I don't panic about it anymore which is so important. Being tired makes them bad. good luck. I feel for you
  3. I had a perisemphalic sah in October 2014 and have been discharged. I was told that I have to declare this for my travel insurance. I have travelled several times and found Virgin Travel very good for this kind of sah. and easy. If you type in Subarachnoid Haemorrage in the conditions to declare it recognises it. It then asks if you have had a procedure. as I answer no to this it then asks me if I can walk unaided. The last question is have you had an epileptic fit since. The last time we travelled my husband paid 18 pounds and mine was 40 (for a week in Cyprus) which I think is very reasonable. Hey, also offer free cover for any family member under 18 travelling with a full paying adult. I do not know how they compare if you have had surgery, walking aids or epilepsy . They also send your policy details on a credit card size so easy to keep with you.
  4. Hi Broncothor. I have a 20 year old son who is into extreme fitness and he thinks your resting heart rate is very impressive. Although checking it before you eat is cheating apparently. This is my stab at humour! I think you should get it checked before it adds to the anxiety levels. Wishing you all the very best.
  5. Hi, I have had two whilst awake. I didn't have any sedative. I can honestly say it is a very strange sensation, not painful, just weird. Also, I had a collagen plug put in the wound so that they didn't have to push on it to prevent bleeding. That naturally breaks down over time. Please don't be scared. I honestly believe that fear is what changes our experience, not the procedure. Sending every good wish.
  6. Hi Greg You say your window for improvement is closing. We have probably all been told when that is, but it appears they range from weeks to years. What actually happened to us varies so much so our healing will be different to. I wish you all the very best
  7. 1. Went deaf 2. Thought somebody had shot me in back of head (bizarre) 3. Could feel blood pumping through my hole body. 4. Ambulance took me to hospital. Had ct scan. When they told me I had a sah I was pleased that I hadn't called an ambulance for no reason. Crazy? How I wish now that I could have aplogised for being a time waster!! The trouble now is because I went deaf if the sound cuts out on the telly I panic and look round to see if anybody else can hear it. If I am alone I run outside hoping to hear something, anything.
  8. Oh win, you make me smile. It sounds like you have an amazing family. reading your posts has really helped me to appreciate the good things still going on in our lives. We cannot change feeling poorly a lot but fighting the doom and gloom helps so much x
  9. Dear Clare, since my sah I have found that I am so very sensitive to people that I often misread things. Are you sure not signing your card was not your friends way of saying she doesn't want you to leave? Just a thought x
  10. Well, I have spent the last year and a half teriffied. So tonight I decided to go and greet the real world and see how disjointed I have become. Shocked. I or we, are very lucky to be alive. So that changes us? Did me the power of good. I for the first time could see the new me. Grateful and so non judgemental of people. Well, we have to have positives? Love to you all xx
  11. Hi, I have taken advise and phoned kings and a very lovely nurse called me back. She doesn't think my dizzyness, eye pressure Etc are related to my sah and suggested getting my blood pressure checked. I have had a 24hour blood pressure reading done which shows constant fairly low readings. My doctor has prescribed me with propranolol 20mg 3 x per day. He thinks that I am so anxious that I am causing the problems. So here's hoping that this will make a difference. Does anybody else that takes this take a similar dose as it seems a lot of tablets to me. Thank you x
  12. The v shaped pillow has helped me get more comfortable. Thank you. I have had a letter today from the neurology department that states that because my ct scan and lumbar puncture were negative that I do not need to see them. They have diagnosed me with migraine without even seeing me! I do not know what to do next. Any advice please. I feel like they see me as a time waster. X
  13. Are you able to recommend a site where I can buy a good quality v shaped pillow? X
  14. Dear Clare, thank you for replying. My sah was in October 2014 so just over a year ago now, I have only just posted as spent the first year just reading and not brave enough to post myself. X
  15. Thank you all for taking the time to help. I am having trouble with sleeping at the moment. I cannot get my head comfortable as it just feels like a giant bruise. I keep being woken up by extreme pressure feeling and dizzyness. I end up going down to the sofa and putting the telly on low to try and distract me and stop it turning into panic. Is this normal? I feel in limbo because my doctor is kind of the opinion that the lumbar puncture has proved I am not bleeding again so I just need to be patient until I get my appointment with the neurologist. Does this happen to anyone else.
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