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  1. Michelle, thank you for posting what you have, especially so soon after this realisation came to you, must still be a bit raw, I suppose posting it on here is a way of processing the feelings, downloading it. Whatever your reasons it resonated with me in a big way, in fact I've dwelt on it for an hour or so and felt I wanted to reply. I'm 19mths post SAH and only today I was thinking back to what Saturday nights were like back in the summer of 2010, completely different, for one I certainly wouldn't have been browsing on a website like this at midnight, we would have been out enjoying ourselv
  2. Dawn, I used to get that 'wall' feeling, you have a good way of descibing it. I don't get it any more, 18mths since SAH. I do still get headaches though, the best way I can describe them is that my head feels like I'm wearing a crash helmet, not immense pain by any means but it's as though there is something pressing my scalp to my skull, just like a crash helmet. I can't say I've stopped worrying about it but I try to minimise the impact of it by carrying on doing what I'm doing. Re the lying down in the dark, I also used to do that but, like you, couldn't sleep. I think the problem with
  3. That is indeed a terrible thing to have happened, so young, so much to offer. I know I said in another thread that everything happens for a reason, i do believe that but it's so hard to understand the reason one so young should lose her life. I've no children but I know that when my mum died I would have willingly taken her place in that hospital bed, easy to say but I know I would, like a shot. How that young girls parents must be wishing it was them and not her, got to be one of the hardest things to bear, losing a child, I'm grateful that is one thing I will never have to face. Michelle
  4. Me too dawn, it is a positive subject and one well worthy of raising. My comment was more at some of the content of the thread, that's all. It seems that people have fallen out with, or keep at arms length, family members, friends, whoever, surely that's a shame, those same people could be the ones who are keen to help but get shunned because of one, or even two, inept comments. Not saying you've backed away from your half sister but you are, quite rightly, unsure of how to deal with her 'insensitivity', well she is possibly just like I used to be before 2010, she just doesn't know what to
  5. Sorry to say but I sense a lot of negativity in this thread, I appreciate that I have been lucky and was able to return to work but I still get headaches, most days as it happens, I get tired too, I have other issues to contend with too, changes that have occurred in me since Aug 2010. As I said in my earlier post, I was probably just the sort of person you are all complaining about, not that I'm insensitive, far from it, but that I used to get flustered around people who were ill, I probably came out with comments similar to those some of you quote, why, I don't know, but I am definitley no
  6. Thanks for that Momo, bit clearer now. As for the depression question, well when I first came here I read many threads from start to end, I wanted to get a good overview of how others had recovered, bit like the way I use TripAdvisor when going away, if you just take a view on the first few opinions you are unlikely to get the full picture. Got to say that my considered judgement was that most of 'us' seem to have had a bout of depression, although I have to admit I was similarly misinformed about depression until all this happened, it comes in many forms. Anyway, I don't feel I have a prob
  7. Got to admit I had absolutely no knowledge of SAH until I had mine, I like to think I wouldn't have been insensitive with anyone I met who had suffered one but in all honesty I may well have made some inadequate comment, not flippant, just inadequate. Although I do now completely understand what happened to me I still feel unsure about what to call it when it comes up in conversation with people I haven't seen in a while and they have heard 2nd hand what had happened to me. Thing is I know one or two people who have suffered strokes but they didn't have to have the surgery I did, so did I ha
  8. Hi Skippy, thanks but I tried that, was fine until I tried to upload and it said 'invalid file', I think this may be because they are avi files, they probably need converting into something compatible with this site. This is where I grind to a halt for now, no worries I will keep trying.
  9. Thanks Sonia, I agree it does seem a friendly place, nice to read how others have coped/recovered, there doesn't seem to be a set pattern though, everyone has their own story but, as someone pointed out earlier, there are bits & pieces that resonate with someone or other. Still trying to work out how to attach scan file, struggling.
  10. Hi Bagpuss, I believe we are known as Stopfordians, I grew up in Hazel Grove but know Cheadle Hulme well, in fact I know everywhere in Stockport as I used to have a black cab licenced there, some of my family and most of my old friends still live there. thanks for the heads up (no pun intended) on vasospasms, I recall being told about the blood needing to be dispersed, apparently there is a drain at the back of the brain and they did say that sometimes it may get blocked and that it would be very painful. I suppose looking back I did have some pains after but nothing came near to the initia
  11. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, also for the kind words of support, fantastic. Nessie - Thanks for the link, never thought it was going to be that sort of place here:shock: then again you are a liberal lot over there aren't you. You are correct that are plenty of similar references on various RLS sites, although it apparently works better for women rather than men, we'll leave it there eh:roll: Mace - I never seem to suffer during the day, at least not naywhere near the same level as at night, it's as though my legs are independently aware of the time. Donnamarie - I did try some
  12. Sure, apologies for the omission. I'm 51y/o now, so was 50 when I had the SAH. I had been out at a party the night before and had a late one, 6am to be precise. At 17.00 I was sat at the table using a laptop, whan I stood up I got that intense pain everyone describes so vividly, the exploding head, I also had pain in my neck, I tried to go up the stairs but could not lift my foot onto the bottom step, this I feel was my first bit of good fortune, if I had got upstairs I would have just lay down thinking I was hungover, probably drifted off to sleep and that may have been the end of me. Any
  13. I just happened upon this place last night when I couldn't sleep, spent the hours between 1 & 4am trawling through many threads. Not sure exactly what I was looking for, it was really interesting to learn of other peoples experiences pre & post SAH. I'm not sure that I have anything unique to share regarding my experiences, it would seem that there is no set pattern to recovery, we all mend at our own pace. I was back home on the 7th day, I was advised not to consider work for 3mths but when I went back to discuss the results after 6weeks it was agreed that I could return to work onc
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