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  1. Hi All, Thanks for your messages, much appreciated. But, heard from the hospital a couple of hours ago, they've had several emergencies in today. Waiting now, for the secretary to contact me with a new date - will let you know, when I find out. Bye for now, Ian
  2. Hi All, I heard yesterday, I've got a date to clip my aneurysm - go in on Tuesday 20th (if a bed's available), and have the operation on Wednesday. The news is still sinking in ! When I last met the neurosurgeon, he told me he may have to go in both sides of my head, as the aneurysm is about 2inches behind my eyes, in the middle of the brain. Also, I have 3 arteries in that area, and most people have 4. Would appreciated any advice, support you can offer? many thanks......Ian
  3. Hi Donna, Have you tried Good to Go Insurance ? thanks.......Ian
  4. Hi everyone, thanks again for your messages. Michelle, I think you're right about the cyst - I was told they'd only need to deal with mine if & when it grows... Gill, Jess, I would welcome a chat sometime, if that's ok ? Only a couple of weeks now, to my appointment, have started to write a list of questions. Bye for now, Ian
  5. Hi All, Thank you for the warm welcome & messages of support. Lynne, I live near Pontypridd, and had my ops in the Heath Hospital as well. Will list more questions to ask, when I next see the neurosurgeon (with my wife, Sam, this time). When I had the appointment in March, I wasn't expecting the discussion I had, so it was a lot to take in - given that only a couple of months before, I was just going to be monitored... He explained the all the risks of the op, as my aneurysm is above the hypothalmus gland. All being well, I'd be in hospital about 5 days, and off work about 3 months (s
  6. Hi Everyone, My name is Ian, I'm 49, and live in South Wales. Although I haven't had a SAH, I currently have an untreated aneurysm. I collapsed in April 2008, and was referred by my GP to a neurologist, after I explained I'd always get a severe pain at the back of my head when I laughed or coughed a lot (I grew up with this). After MRI & CAT scans, I had my results in March '09. He told me they'd found three things: a brain condition called Arnold Chiari Malformation, a 7mm aneurysm (anterior communicating artery), and 2.5cm arachnoid cyst (right temporal lobe). They weren't that conc
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