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  1. I had my anuerysm clipped in September 2010 as well, after they had tried to coil it first. I like you am back to work full time, sometimes doing 42,43 hours a week in a hospital. I go to bed around 8 and get up at 5.15, too exhausted to do anything else.I now feel I am splitting into two people, one the world sees coping well and making people laugh, the other one sad and lonely, because I haven't got the energy or impetus to do anything else,I seem to shut myself down away from work because all my energy goes into that it has to, I need my concentration levels to be high there. I am wonderin
  2. I would like to thank you all for your comments on flying, you have made feel so much more secure about doing it, I think I felt abit more insecure because my SAH happened three weeks after I got back from holidaying abroad last year, so the flight was still there, a recent event. I am now excited and looking forward to some sunshine and rest , if only for a week. Once more ,thanks xxx
  3. I had brain surgery last September, 2010, so it's been a year, but where I had the surgery my left side, entry was from my temple down to below my ear. My head still feels very tight round that area and reacts when I am tired, move wrongly, allsorts, basically telling me it is there. I want to fly in three weeks, but feel nervous about how my head will react. Can anyone please tell me how they have felt flying and if it affects your head in any way. Thank you. xx :confused: Sandy x
  4. Hi Vivien Your photo is lovely, and most of the comments you make strike home with me. I had my SAH last September and find even writing this and making sense takes a lot of effort.I agree we are different on the outside to what is going on inside. I get so frustrated that my life is very different now, that I have to stop because of tiredness, it stops me, I try and fight it but I can't defeat it. I have just had a good week, full time at work, looked after my little granddaughter for a while on Thursday after work, and have actually done some housework today, although I hate that anyway, so
  5. For the replies I've had already thanks guys. It is good to hear that other people have similar goings on, I had my aneurysm clipped Bill cos they couldn't do the coil. I am back at work full time just and I get very exhausted from my job in a hospital. I think my teariness is a lot from exhaustion and frustration that I get so tired.
  6. Hello, I am 9 months post bleed and am finding the exhaustion/fatigue difficult to deal with but also I seem to get teary at the slightest of things. When I talk about certain things or people or even on things upsetting on the TV I fill up? Is this normal post SAH, does anyone else suffer with this or could it be related to depression? Thanks for any replies
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