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  1. Before my SAH, almost 3 and a half years ago, I played for a local pool team (and had done for 15 years to that point); suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee I would somtimes turn up with crutches, however I still managed to play and won a good 90% of my games. When my SAH happened and I was in hospital my wife informed the team captain (a good friend) and initially I was flooded with support. Following surgery I returned to work much sooner than I returned to pool, but when I did I found I was no longer a 'cert' to feature in the team and most often than not was only picked if other playe
  2. Hi People, My name is Steven and I live in a suburb of London in the UK. I'm married and have 6 kids and am/was an I.T consultant. I suffered my SAH on the morning of Sunday 18th May just after awaking and getting out of bed. It felt like being slapped in the back of the head and then several feelings of rushing up the spine. I fell back on the bed and broke out in a cold sweat. There was no one else in the house so I knew I had to try to remain concious if I could. The wife and kids were at a car boot sale and wouldnt be back for hours. The first hour lasted what seemed like a lifetime. I
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