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  1. I haven't been around here for a very, very long time. Life with children (13 years and 4 years old as of today), family and all the rest is a busy thing. I just got a pm from someone 9 months post-SAH, looking for info about my experience. I responded, then I remembered how incredibly helpful and useful BTG was for me in my first weeks post-SAH. The doctors told me I was fine. I knew I wasn't "fine". But it took me a while to realized that what they meant was there was nothing they could do for me. Thank goodness I finally found BTG and all the helpful folks here. So, I figure by posting
  2. Hello Annie, Welcome to the SAH club! It's a pretty painful way to join a club, but the folks can be great! and, very very helpful as one adjusts to one's new reality. I had my NASAH last June 17th. I returned to office work (as an unlicensed assistant in a Real Estate company just slightly north of you, Sue) two days a week just this past January. So far so good! It's great to be back at work and I am able to fulfill 90% of my tasks just fine. There is still a 10% or so discrepancy and I just don't have the eye for detail that I used to. My ability to recall information has returned. But,
  3. Thanks for your alphabetized lists Anya and Win. I think perhaps a healthy balance of the two may be the way for me to go! Anya, I would love to get that info on coping techniques, please and thank you. R:-)
  4. I've been taking some time off the computer for the past month or so. Haven't been around here at BTG in that time. Just checked in and got caught up on this thread. I have been headache free for over a month now, for which I am so very, very grateful. I still get confused. I can really identify with "auditory attention deficit". I find that when I read something I can maintain about 90% of the information (used to be 100% plus the details of what was going on in the environment at the time, weather and all sorts of unassociated details...not that I'm comparing myself to
  5. Before my SAH I worked 21 hours a week over 3 days. My work consisted of a whole lot of computer work (html coding for upkeep of 4 websites, and a weekly e-mail newsletter), graphic design, and office support (e-mails, phones, fax, walk ins) for a busy real estate company on the little island that I live on. Being located on a little island on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia ensures that we get a HUGE influx of new business over the summer months. As a result, as summer was approaching there was some subtle pressure for me to start to work even more than my 21 hours.
  6. Hello again, Mags. Welcome to BTG. I also had a PM-NASAH I read above that you were told that no follow up is needed. I respectfully beg to differ with your doctors. I would suggest that you look into getting a follow up CT angiogram at 3 weeks post SAH. This just assures that there was no aneurysm hiding out during a vaso-spasm as they were taking pictures of your brain the first time. This is very unlikely, but it is possible and has been known to happen. If you do have an aneurysm that would be good to know as it is has proven to be unstable. If nothing is found that's great you get to
  7. Wow Sandi, days like that suck! (mods...am I allowed to say suck?) Perhaps we are our own worst enemies as our ego and our brain struggle with each other for control. Those best laid plans can be helpful if we stick to them and take scheduled breaks. And they can harm if we are over scheduled and want to stick to the plan in spite of the reality of our energy level. Then there's those dratted surprises, like your car not being ready. I have found myself on more than one occasion taking a break and resting in my van before leaving somewhere to drive home. I'm j
  8. Just pipping up that Sandi's route to work is stunningly gorgeous, it is after all a mountain pass with incredible views down to the ocean/inlet and the forests. It is also amazingly treacherous when our rainy season hits in October. (Our climate is a temperate rainforest, so buckets and buckets of rain can fall). Then, when the cold weather hits the road ices like crazy and snow and fog are daily occurrences, even if only briefly. And that's not to mention the traffic. Sandi, I take my hat off to you (as long as we're not outside) making that trip to work. Can you take the Brentwood Bay fe
  9. Hey John, I was just wondering about this today. I've read that people get the feeling of "water trickling down their heads" which I have had a couple of times. Mostly though these days I find myself reaching up to take my hat off only to find I have already done so (I can't yet go outside without a hat on my head and sunglasses). Sometimes I feel like someone has taken individual hairs on my head and pulled them, hardened up the individual hairs, then pushed them back into my skull. It's a very strange feeling. Even when I am wearing my hat I have to sit it up high on my head 'cause it f
  10. Hooray Win! Well done!!! I guess one of the "gifts" of SAH is the opportunity to appreciate things we used to take for granted. What a wonderful thing to be able to climb the stairs! You must be chuffed! (don't know if you have that saying over there? It's a good thing) Keep smiling and singing. R:-)
  11. Hi James, Another PM-NASAH here. I live in Canada where I am increasingly sure that we have abysmal follow up care, compared to what is available to you folks across the pond. I'm glad that you seem to be doing so very well. I hope that you continue to do so. I had my POP exactly 2 weeks after you did. I am fair to midlin and getting better everyday. I hope your healing journey continues well.
  12. Hi Sandi, How was your second Monday back to work? I have a meeting at work on Wednesday. They have been so understanding and patient with me the past 10 weeks. I am up to working 2 x 4 hour shifts a week and that seems to go well (most weeks). But that is my maximum ability right now and for the foreseeable future. They have been waiting patiently for me to feel better and increase my hours again. I have a meeting scheduled with my bosses on Wednesday to check-in and look at the future. I am going to ask them to keep me at 2 x 4 hours per week for the next several months
  13. Welcome to the site. I am so happy for you that you still have your partner with you. She will need tons of your love, compassion and understanding over the next months as she journeys through recovery. Some resources I have found useful are: The Southampton site here where there is tons of info on recovery A letter from your brain here. And the video of Patients experiences here. This video is about 1/2 hour long and may be easier for her than reading, although it may not, depending on her personal recovery. In my darkest down days I tell my husband that what I need is for him to see m
  14. Hi Mags, Welcome to the site and the SAH club! (dubious honour though it may be!) I had my PM-NASAH on June 17th of this year. There was no offending vessel/artery found, they have deduced that my offending vessel also killed itself off during the event. I just had a follow up CT scan a couple of weeks ago. I had to push to get it booked. I would suggest that you look into getting a follow up CT at 3 weeks post SAH. That just assures that there was no aneurysm hiding out during a vaso-spasm as they were taking pictures of your brain (unlikely, but possible). I was very socially and physica
  15. Apologies if this is too off topic. Winter, I just finished reading Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight. She suggests donating one's brain to the Harvard Brain Bank (after you're done with it, of course) at 1-800-BrainBank. Your brain could go one way while your body goes another (umm not only off topic, but a big gruesome, perhaps...yikes). Back to the thread at hand I must admit I was interested in the topic of the research paper, but i just couldn't get past the methodology paragraph. I like those cute little Norwegian rats!
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