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    I'm 37 female
    Love my dog molly & cat Josie
    Love my donks
    I love to watch equestrian shows
    Also love horses
    All animas great & small
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    Breeding donkeys
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    Work on familys stud
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    March last year

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  1. Thanks guys ( ladies) yes the pain is more excruciating at night I'm unable to sleep. I have noticed I can lay on it but sitting up & arm is at side the pain starts up. It has gone from arm to shoulders so I guess it's a frozen shoulder, but I will go back to g.p as Im not coping with it. Pain killers aren't doing much, have tried heat pack, tiger balm. Tems machine - only relieves pain for a while. I was wondering if it had to do with the angiograms I had when had sah. As they went up the right side to brain. Just wondering if the pain is due to that reason. Thanks again
  2. Hi haven't been here for a while, for those new to forum I had a non anurism bleed. I spent a month in hospital with rehab after. But lately I've been experiencing severe pain in right side arm. I have deficit in right side, so my right side doesn't work. I've seen g.p they can't help, I was told it might be a nerve but what ever it is the pain is incredible. It's not so painful during day but come night time it's unbearable. Anyone else suffer pain in side of bleed. I must say I also had stroke with sah.
  3. Hi it's been a while since last post. For those new here. I had my sah/ stoke back in march 011. It has left me with memory issues. And right side devisite. I remember bits of that day. I was with our vet doing a x- ray on equines leg. I was bending over to hold leg. I went inside sat down then the pain at base of head started. On a scale 1 - 10 it felt 20 it was incredible. I was holding neck screaming. That's all I remember. The rest my family has filled in. Plus they wrote a diary for me. They called a ambulance which took me to local hospital the ambo's told triage nurse I had a bad migraine. My mum & sister disagreed. The dr came in asked them what was happening after my mum told him of the pain. He went and got a senior dr. After talking to my mum & sister the dr asked nurse to call ambo's. The ambo's who got the call came. Same ambo who told nurse I had migraine. The dr told them to get me to a melb as fast as possible. Dr told my family I had a sah. If I survived the trip it would be less than 50 % as most don't survive a sah. I spent six weeks in I.c.u. Unconscious for part of it. And four weeks In h.d.u in h.d.u was where I suffered the stroke. I forgot to say I had 5 angiograms. In which they wrecked all but one vein leading to brain. To discover my sah wasn't due to anurism. The most upsetting of this is the memory issue not remembering family, friends. I know who my parents, sister, b/ law. Niece are but other family no memory. Now in 012 the memory issue still remains. The lack of feeling in right side remains. I feel tired. I have headaches Every so often. I get fatigued walking long distances. I see my neurologist every three months. I have depression which doesn't help. Some days are good some bad. By the way I'm 38 was a active person before. Now I can hardly do anything. It changes your life. As In all honesty most people don't survive sah's. So I cheated death I guess or had someone looking over me. Not that I'm religious. That's me.
  4. To John thank you for your kind words, but my sah wasn't due to anurisym, the nueros can't tell me why I had it. Only that one of the veins split like a garden hose, and after doing the 5 angiograms they wrecked the last 4 remaining veins so now I'm left with one remaining vein to head, hence when got call yesterday wanting to do another angio, to see how brain going after sah I m not in a big rush to go as IF they for some reason wreck this vein it's a over red rover, there's no turning back, as I'll be deceased not a great feeling for me or family,but being drs they say there is risks with every surgery, I know that but this is different, I want to live my life it won't be the same as before but take it day by day, and try to not dwell on the past, not easy some days but I guess were all in the same boat in here and it's good to be able to get things out to people who've been there, Once again thank you everyone who posted and will take your messages and do a bit of thinking,
  5. Hi all, well today my neurologist rang, I knew it was bad when the dr themselves ring and it was, as you know had my sah last year in feb 010, since I survived it I have had a hard time dealing with it, firstly the why me!! And now the after Marth of the sah, the fact my life has changed, the memory loss is the biggest issue, and the fear that when or if it can happen again, they drs can't give me a answer, now today the neurologist has asked me to have another angiogram, now I must inform you that when I had sah they performed 5 angio's in those five the broke 4 of the 5 hence I now have only one vein going to head, now if I'm to have this angio and they somehow wreck this vein - I'm dead to put it bluntly as I have no back up veins, the reason given for it to see how the brain is the vessels, as a MRI won't show veins, so if I have the angio, its curtains, if I don't then I'll have to live with the unknown, at 37 I don't want to go for the sake of having the risk of vein being pierced, if I don't have it I'll have to " get over the fact I nearly died " some other way, So I'm in two minds do / don't way up the pros and cons at the moment cons are first pros are second, if anyone has advice, My family have left it to me, there not keen on it, they were the ones who had to sign the permission slip for the 5 to be done to save my life, I was unconscious, I in no way blame them, they did what they had to do, Just had to get it out
  6. Hi all today I had my " second " MRI first one the radiographers must have been on L plates cause image was wrong the contacted us five times like hello there is a answer machine on home phone and on mobile after feeling quite sick with worry not knowing what was wrong they were very reluctant to tell us why I had to have second thank god for sisters she got the answer which was film was blurry so my sis told them what huge stress they caused so today was round two had headache before MRI and it became ten times worse afterwards so at present feeling a bit off headache has subsided just feel very fatigued the noise of the machine is like being near a 747 mixed with a cars boom boom box had ear plugs and ear muffs on still heard it Has any forum people who have had sah got good resuls after sah post bad ones will take a stiff drink dads creamy port ( just kiddin) would love to hear Thanking you mollynjosie
  7. Dear di My name is Samantha I'm 37 I had my sah & stroke. March last year 010 like you I was very active from sun up to sun down. I live on our farm so I was able to throw square bales. Pick up 30kg feed bags no problem then I had the bleed & stroke my life has changed I say for the worst I'm no longer to do things I used to I get worn out just walking around the farm and I have a lot of memory issues I'm no longer able to remember anything or anyone before the bleed and still forget things including The shopping trolley with food in it or someone tells me something and I go blank I'm no longer able to write my name it's like a two year old writes it the most terrible thing is I forgot my nan had died my mum had to tell me I have regular mri's as when had bleed they did 5 angiograms on me in the process they ruptured four of five veins leading into my brain so I only have one vein to pump blood to brain if I was to have another bleed the out come wouldn't be good My mood since bleed has changed I'm more depressed So I understand where your coming from
  8. Dear clover welcome to the group your dads story reads very close to mine see mollynjosie to read about my sah what your dads going through is normal but I would suggest to talk to your dad & g.p on getting your dad on anti- depressants it will help I suffer from depression I had it before bleed but has got worse since I cry at the least little thing my family have tried to help but it's hard for them to understand my emotions a sah is very hard to come to terms with the fact you were on the brink of passing away and the fact the life you lead is different.with my sah I also had stroke and at 37 my life is not what it was or will be and to come to terms with it is hard I wish your dad all the best and let him know people in here care and to you stay strong for your dad and you to have friends in here that know what your going through
  9. Hi I'm back bit of a very off day the other day it's like being on a roller coaster I'm a bit happier I found this thread as I thought it Was just me getting bigger I'm on medication for numerous things b/ pressure, depression, panadol, & other ones I can't remember off hand, I'm not a junk food eater, don't eat chockie anymore nor have caffeine for drink but the weight seems to go on in hospital I lost weight I was weigh'd at 85 now year on I'm at 115 not very happy but I'm 6'2 tall before the bleed & stroke I Was a lot more active spent all day outside doing things on farm now Im unable to do the things I once did as I feel like truck has run over me by lunch time I do exercise can't run but do a lot of walking it fags me out but I keep going Ive had thyroid done is good the dr keeps telling me it's the sah/ stroke I'm not sure On another querie has any members been told that if you have a sah that you can suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome May have spelt wrong it's what people in wars suffer ( vets ) has anyone been diagnosed with this saw it on another forum
  10. Sorry guys bad day today a good family friend committed suicide he was only 23 it was over " girl probs" why didn't he say something ****** hell t why Then today I found out on another forum that people who have had sah are being diagnosed with post tuamatic syndrome may have spelt it wrong I just feel why me?? What did I do to deserve having a sah and the drs don't help they can't give me an answer my poor neurologist coped the brunt of my anger I feel like I don't want to continue anymore as my life sux I can't do the things I did before and the ****** memory loss ***** me is this normal or am I different I need answers and no one can help me
  11. Hi nick welcome to the group My name is Samantha I live in Australia I joined the group in 011 a year after I had my sah & stroke before this I was a happy Person and had finally got my life on the straight line as I suffer depression so my life was like a wave that never went flat but i had finally got it on the straight then in march 010 my life was turned upside down I'd never heard of sah let alone know anyone who had suffered one life for me now is not as it was and it's very hard to know you can't change it the sah has left me with memory probs everything that I knew before the bleed has gone can't remember people,names,places I've been and I still can't remember things and the stroke has left me with weakness in my right side which is a pain when you live on a farm and have to get family to help you do things that you could do without help, It's a hard road one I wish on no one but at least in here I'm not alone h
  12. Dear karen I had my sah last year 010 I got double blow with the sah I also suffered a stroke while in I.c.u as I'm only young 37 yrs I was an active person could go all day doing things on the farm but now after doing any thing I feel like I've been run over by a truck I feel so darn tired that most of the time I have to have a sleep in the afternoon And if I go out shopping I'm now having to use a wheelie walker ( the frame with 4 wheels ) the elderly use as the shopping centers don't have seats when you need one and it's not great collapsing in a shopping centre with crowds of people looking at you I have also noticed that I seem to faigue out like the brain turns off and I lose time or concentration I also get little headaches I've had MRI on head waiting for report on it ( fingers cross) they worry me as when i had the sah I had 5 angiograms over days which the doctor wrecked 4 of 5 veins leading to brain so I've only got one vein to brain which is a big worry for me let alone the depression, anger & more anger that I have since the sah My life has changed Since the sah/ stroke
  13. Hi I'm Sam ( f ) im 37 yrs last year 010 I had a s.a.h and subsequent stroke. That has left me with hardly any feeling in right side It's like I'm carrying a log before all this happened I was an active person on our farm I could pick up square bales of hay and throw them. Pick up 30kg feed bags with no probs but today I can no longer pick up those bales or the feed bags. I can't even get My boots on without help it sucks excuse my language but to go through what I've been through and still do you would be angry I'd love my life the way it was but to not be able to hold a cup without you not feeling it and it breaking I've gone through a few as I don't want to be treated differently but it gets to you sometimes I feel if I had the arm amputated I could accept it but to go from a active person to a person who has to rely on family members to carry things. Put your boots/ shoes on it's a bit depressing Which I had before the s.a.h but we were on a straight line but now it's like a big wave and when you fall off it's bad I just needed to get it off my chest
  14. Dear Andy p I'm a newbie on this forum you can read my story mollynjosie I'm like you I had my sah and to this day my life in the past I had has gone and some days it's hard to go on.before the sah I suffered depression it was in contol but now it's like a big wave and when I get dumped it's not good I keep asking myself why me and no one can give me answers the neurological spec tell me it's time ok that's hard when I had the bleed in 010 it's now 011 and I feel Im getting worse the stroke has left me with memory issues and my right leg drags along as my leg feels heavy I've had physio to no avail and the tiredness is terrible if I go to the shops grocery or clothes shopping I feel warn out within 5 min and I have to sit down I tried a walking stick to hold me up but I still got tired my physio has suggested a Zimmer frame ( what the elderly use) I'm sure a 37 yr old would really like to use a four wheel frame but maybe it's come to that Any way in here your not alone Take care
  15. Hi I'm Samantha Im 37 last year I had a s.h.s I'm finding the aftermath of it not easy to cope with I've been told by some people To get over it. Move on. But how do you when your life you had has gone. I was a active person I spent most of the day outside Doing farm work. Now I get fatigued. Worn out. I used to sleep after lunch and not wake up till 6 pm I can't even go to the shops Without having to find a seat before I fall down. I'm that tired what makes it worse when I had the bleed I had 5 angiograms the Doctor who performed them can I say it Ballsed it up quit literally so I only have one vein to brain wish is not a great thought the stroke was down right side my side I write with ( used to ) I can't hold a pen. Not even a cup I've broken 5 already as i can't hold them I also have been left with memory loss everything before the bleed has gone and now I don't remember what people have said to me I hate this as it has caused upset with me I've realized throwing things doesn't help.some people have told me to get on with life the doctors have told me I should be dead with the bleed I had but they can't tell me why it happened as it wasn't a anurism they can only say a vein in my head split likeba garden hose. If there is anyone that has had a s.h.s young or mature I'd like to chat to people who know what it's like to have gone threw this
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