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  1. Thanks for the kind words of advice. Macca, I've been seen by Occupational Health for a phased return to work and they have ruled out any lecturing for the rest of this academic year. Which is nice. I will look into recording lectures - it's been something one or two colleagues have tried in the past. Winb143, they are ordering me a cushion and a new chair! The consultant has written to me to tell me there doesn't appear to be anything abnormal in the full spine MRI. I've decided to treat the giddy/dizzy spells as if I were a bit tipsy, without the chore of actually having to im
  2. Just as I was thinking 'this hurts' I started to feel sick as well. Deciding immediate action was required, I did what any right-minded cricket fan would do and headed for the loo. As I made my way to the loo I was aware that the pain in my head was increasing dramatically and by the time I got there I didn't know whether to sit on it, kneel in front of it or lie down. I had never experienced anything like the pressure that seemed to be building. 4 years ago, when he was 49, my younger brother had a severe stroke and almost twelve months to the day my dad had one too. N
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