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  1. Hi everyone, just to say thank you all so much for the lovely and helpful replies. It really means so much and has made me feel much better and reassured. I will go through each one again in detail (still takes me a while to retain information!) but just wanted to say how grateful I am to read all your responses and for the lovely welcome. 😊
  2. Hi again, I thought I would try again to see if I could perhaps get one reply. It was my first time posting and took a lot of courage for me to do so. I know that this is a friendly and welcoming place from what I have read in the past and in response to other posters so hope someone will be able to respond in some way. I have received a letter for a telephone appointment next month so hopefully I will know more then as well. Thank you for reading and hopefully replying!
  3. Hi everyone Firstly, I want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences and personal stories. I have many a time taken comfort and hope from reading posts on here but have never felt brave enough to post before. Apologies in advance if my first attempt is too long! I had a SAH caused by a small 2mm ruptured aneurysm in 2013. Thanks to the amazing medical team and surgeon who performed the coiling I survived. It has been a long journey and my life is completely different now but I have adapted as best I can. I have been regularly monitored with scans yearly or b
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