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  1. Hi David, I hope you have had some clarification from your doctor/consultant and are feeling more reassured. After several years of scans monitoring of my previously ruptured and coiled aneurysm where I suffered a SAH, they had recently referred to my aneurysm as ‘recurring’ - meaning in my case it had started filling with blood and was up to 30% due to the coils compacting. I have just undergone further treatment for the recurring aneurysm and am relieved to be back and recovering. But some people just have monitoring and no further treatment needed. I’m not sure if this is the case with you, that’s the aneurysm that has recurred, as they put it, as you may have experienced symptoms of a second bleed if it was the bleed that had recurred, and would have probably required urgent attention if this was the case, but is always better to clarify something like this as I can only share my own experience. I completely get the not being able to read and retain although that is improving all the time, however I am still very sensitive to noise so music is out for me!
  2. So glad to hear this Jean, and that you are feeling more like yourself now. I had read that it affects people differently and can last varying times depending on how long you were out and the amount of anaesthesia etc. It’s sound like you are going in the right direction anyway! take care x
  3. I know exactly what you mean lol! Definitely a time of mixed emotions but the relief afterwards is like a new lease of life. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your progress report! 🤓
  4. To @ann_calgary apologies I just realised I had read your previous thread about stents and blood thinners from 2020 when I was trying to find out information about mine. I saw there you were advised you wouldn’t need one. Then I just read your post about where you were told you would need clipping. You have been through so much but your positivity and attitude are so inspiring! I will be joining everyone on here in wishing you the best and thinking of you on September 13th.
  5. Yes I had my previous angiogram done through the radial artery and my mum had cardio stents this way but I understand it is usually the standard for endovascular coiling to be done via the femoral artery straight to the brain. Maybe it will be adopted more in the future but I had read somewhere that it’s a bit of a pioneering thing for brain aneurysms!
  6. Dear Ann Thanks very much for your reply and wishes. We are ACOM twins! I hadn’t heard that about the radial artery either until it was done for me. I think it must be a relatively new approach, at least in the UK. It really is amazing what these medical geniuses can achieve. Sorry to hear the stent did not work for you. When you say it didn’t push through, did they attempt to do it or was just it decided clipping was better? I have read clipping is very successful and reliable. I will be looking out for your progress and wishing you all the very best for a successful procedure and a complete recovery too. Take care and take it easy too! 💛🤞
  7. That is so true. Am indebted to them. Trying to think of a suitable thank you! Yes I’m enjoying the rest so far. Having a little gentle walk around so I don’t seize up either and drinking plenty of water.
  8. Thanks Jean. It really is. I have been reading a bit more and I can’t believe what they are capable of.
  9. Thank you Sami, it really is! My original coiling was through the femoral artery too so I couldn’t imagine that it could be done that way either. Mine was an anterior aneurysm (Anterior communicating artery, I believe). So glad yours have been successfully done too. The relief is unbelievable. Thank you again for your wishes. xx
  10. Hi again everyone, Thank you for again for all your comments and wishes. I am feeling stronger every day and I can echo other’s experiences when they say that the recoiling recovery is no way as bad as after the original bleed. I am tired as expected and some missing words but I know this time not to push myself unnecessarily. Yes, I think I can agree that the worry was worse than the op! Although I was of course out for the op but it was nerve wracking in the run up and on the table, especially before, when the risks were being explained! But I did have confidence in the amazing medical teams whose regular scans and ongoing monitoring made sure it was picked up on. So I now have extra coils and a stent flow diverter fitted by/in front of the neck of the aneurysm, in the artery/vessel. Apparently my aneurysm, despite being small, had a wide neck and was refilling with blood. I must admit I was too woozy to ask any questions when I came round and the next day, but I just have to wait until the MRI or consultant appointment in 6 months. I do know that the operation took longer than originally thought as the stent was a bit tricky to position but I didn’t ask any more about that as I was just relieved it was there! I think the idea is that the stent eventually grows a skin(?) over the artery and closes the aneurysm from the blood, and in the meantime any blood that flows in is diverted away, but anyone who has any better understanding may be able to correct me. I do have to take blood thinners for 6 months and aspirin for life but I know everyone’s situation is different. I think it’s a small price to pay. I am amazed at what these skilled and brilliant special people can achieve, which is why I trusted them to do the procedure (despite the nerves and initial reluctance!). I was surprised and amazed when they said they were going through the radial artery in the wrist. I did have an angiogram through there once but didn’t imagine this could be done that way. I hope this has been helpful or useful to read in some way, as I have found other posts on here. I haven’t googled anything or read too much as I believe the medics are the experts and sometimes reading too much can make me worry unnecessarily! If anyone has any questions or wants to know more please just let me know and I’ll be happy to see if I can answer. Thanks again for reading and for all the support and encouragement!
  11. Thank you all! I will write more if people are interested but as they went in via the wrist, radial artery, which is amazing, I am limiting my online clicking! Looks to be healing nicely so far though. 🤞 The relief is unbelievable. Slight cough and sore throat from the anaesthetic tube I understand but that is getting better already.
  12. Hi everyone thank you so much for your wishes! Just a quick message to say I will write more soon but the brilliant medical team successfully performed the recoiling and stent yesterday and I am currently waiting to go home! More details to follow in case it’s helpful but just wanted to let you know! I feel very positive and like a weight has lifted. Just need to recuperate and heal now. Thanks again for your support.
  13. Thank you so much Tina! Very grateful for your wishes ❤️🤗xxx
  14. Thanks so much Skippy and Jess! Your kind words and wishes are much appreciated. 🤗❤️🤞 xx
  15. Hi again everyone As the date draws closer for my procedure, on Weds 11th August, I just wanted to thank everyone who posted about theirs and who has been supportive and helpful throughout. I took great comfort in reading people’s posts before the op, and the natural anxiety and apprehension, but the relief to read the ‘hi everyone I’m back and recovering’ posts is something I’m holding on to and looking forward to being able to post myself soon! I had the pre-op tests a couple of weeks ago. Then I have to go for COVID-19 swabs tomorrow, isolation at home until I go in for the op on Wednesday. Please keep me in your thoughts and send virtual positive vibes on the day! xx
  16. Thank you so much subzero and Tina. Your kind thoughts and wishes mean so much. Yes that is a very good point about people close to me. I will be positive and strong for them too. Great advice, I will focus on that moment! I must remember how lucky I am that they have been so thorough monitoring me and making sure I am safe. Looking forward to sharing the good news in August. Thanks again everyone. your replies are much appreciated.
  17. Thank you Kathy and Louise, appreciate it. Good tip about the hydration - i will make extra effort. All being well I will come back and share my experience.
  18. Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping well. I have a date now and am having this procedure in August so feeling nervous but also relieved. Although the nervousness is taking over at the moment! I have to go for the pre-op assessment next week so it will become very real then. They have said that it will only be a one night stay after. I’m wondering if the recovery is easier for this without the bleed this time. It certainly seems to be from what I’ve read on here. I’m just trying to hold on to what I read here that when you wake up you no longer have it hanging over you and can put it all behind you. That is what I am trying to focus on. Any other advice or experience will be gratefully received! Thanks in advance.
  19. Thank you Daffodil, that has been a great comfort. It must be very different as I only need to stay in for one night! I hope your check up went okay. I know how you feel about the scans although it’s good they are being so thorough and monitoring.
  20. Hi again everyone. Just a quick update. So after the telephone appointment in April the consultant said they would chase up with the team as they realise I needed a date but that a realistic timeframe may be the Autumn. Soon after I got a telephone appointment slot with the surgeon for yesterday. He said I needed to have the coiling with a stent and what were my commitments in the coming weeks?! I was a bit taken aback as wasn’t expecting so soon and just in the midst of moving house. So in the end they suggested August. I hope I’ve done the right thing. He said I have waited this long so one more month shouldn’t make a difference. I just need to mentally prepare myself as I couldn’t go straight from moving to hospital without a break in between. So relieved and terrified in equal measure. He said the stent would be more secure and would divert the blood away but I would need to take medication.
  21. Hi everyone, just to say thank you all so much for the lovely and helpful replies. It really means so much and has made me feel much better and reassured. I will go through each one again in detail (still takes me a while to retain information!) but just wanted to say how grateful I am to read all your responses and for the lovely welcome. 😊
  22. Hi again, I thought I would try again to see if I could perhaps get one reply. It was my first time posting and took a lot of courage for me to do so. I know that this is a friendly and welcoming place from what I have read in the past and in response to other posters so hope someone will be able to respond in some way. I have received a letter for a telephone appointment next month so hopefully I will know more then as well. Thank you for reading and hopefully replying!
  23. Hi everyone Firstly, I want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences and personal stories. I have many a time taken comfort and hope from reading posts on here but have never felt brave enough to post before. Apologies in advance if my first attempt is too long! I had a SAH caused by a small 2mm ruptured aneurysm in 2013. Thanks to the amazing medical team and surgeon who performed the coiling I survived. It has been a long journey and my life is completely different now but I have adapted as best I can. I have been regularly monitored with scans yearly or bi-yearly with minor neck residual fill detected and monitored, until a larger change in size/fill coil compaction was detected in 2019. After an angiogram to look more closely in November 2019 my consultant decided that I should have a recoiling due to be scheduled for March/April 2020. He said at the time there would be less risk doing the procedure than not. He also said if it was urgent they would not have let me out of the room. Then obviously it has been delayed due to COVID, which I fully understand. It is classed as elective surgery so therefore I assume not ‘urgent’. Although a telephone consultation with a neurologist I have never met (standing in for my usual) said it should be done within months not years. I have been trying not to worry and have had a call with the nurse who though it may be rescheduled in Sept/Oct 2020 until this third wave, which I know has hit the hospitals really badly, especially my hospital. It’s so strange, originally I was terrified by the prospect of another recoiling and was thinking I didn’t know if I could go through with it but now I can’t have it I feel very differently! I manage fine most of the time but then get a wave of panic wondering how much at risk I actually am now, at what stage does it become urgent, and what I would do if it happened again. I assumed that would be it and I would be unlikely to survive a second bleed but have read other experiences where thankfully this was not the case. I would be so grateful to hear of anyone’s experiences, opinions or replies in any capacity. I understand every situation is different and how long is a piece of string etc... Thank you for reading and thanks in advance for any replies.
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