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  1. Golly - been a long time since I came here! But, oh, how I resonate with your post. I have occasional days when I yo-yo between body chill and the complete opposite, almost like a fever. I'm 7 years after the event now and this has only started this year. But,interestingly, it's akin to other problems I have - like yo-yoing blood pressure, yo-yoing levels of acidity in my stomach, yo-yoing levels of mood ................... My husband wants me to get the doctor to sort it out - but all they do is give me drugs for the level I'm at at the time I see them - and then others to st
  2. Ah - tinnitus - I still suffer from the constant whining some 6 years on. Occasionally it recedes a bit for a few moments - but never quite goes. I am driven to distraction during the summer months when the world and his wife are out using their power tools morning, noon and night because that makes it so much worse. (They're even at it still in November and this is meant to be the peace of the Devon countryside!) Just at the moment, I am making arrangements to move to France where at least they have some regulations about the times they can make such noise. How do I counte
  3. Waaaah, Lyn - don't wish it on yourself! Like SAH, everyone's experience is different with the menopause. Thankfully, I was through mine pre-SAH, but it was pretty rough for me both pre-menopause (miserable, uncontrollable flooding periods - including one on a cross-channel ferry when I had to beg them to let me go down to the car deck for fresh clothes, mid-Channel - that was truly embarrassing!) and through the process of it. I found it left me feeling so worthless - as if I'd lost my purpose of womanhood - along with all the symptoms. Despite urging from my husband, I resis
  4. I'm a lot further on now - nearly six years! But I do remember those odd sensations soon after. I likened it at the time to having worms crawling around in there - and I remember waking in horror as a result.. The immediate results of a brain changing event can be pretty horrible but, over time, they do recede. As for flashing images, I still avoid them along with TV images that "whoosh". In fact, I realise I watch little TV now because of that effect they are so fond of to zoom in/out when it suits them. It seems that my damaged brain simply cannot keep up with them. So I r
  5. Jan I'm actually on this forum as part of my research for the church service I will lead on Sunday - the talk is around Thomas the apostle - he who doubted - and it occurred to me that doubt is something we, as SAH survivors, grapple with. Can I do this? Can I cope with this? What will happen if I find I can't? Etc, etc, etc.................... Anyway, I came across your reference to Helmsdale in your post and that made me think a bit. I spent my young life growing up in the splendour of the hills of Sutherland - not so very far from Helmsdale! I think my heart i
  6. Late into this post, I know! I find so little time to even look here with everything else that goes on in life. Whatever, I have had the wretched ringing in my head ever since my SAH. I can cope with it a lot of the time - but not when extraneous noises exacerbate it from outside - power tools and, in particular petrol bush cutters, drive me mad. We live in a village in Devon, which should be pretty peaceful. Gardens are small so, honestly, people don't really need these. But oh, these men get out in their little back gardens (with their ear muffs) and cut down pret
  7. Dear Jan I got my eyes tested, big time, before I re-applied for my driving licence, which they had taken away from me. Over my life, I have lived with aged relatives who should not have been driving, my own parents and my mother-in-law. I was immensely cautious as a result. I never thought it was wrong that I could not drive to begin with - my spaced out brain was not even capable of the standing up and turning round process! My husband encouraged me to re-apply for my licence, largely so I could drive him to the station to get to his work, but even
  8. Somehow, I managed to bring this here! The words are in old French but the music, by Faure, should be an acute over the last e - just wonderful. Crumbs, I only brought the first one! Now suddenly there are all theses others! Enjoy the peace of our Lord! love Victoria
  9. Sorry it's taken me a while to reply to all your kind posts! Alas, I had an episode of the tummy bug that's going round locally and that just floored me for a while. Also, I have been kept busy doing things for the church - since I retired, at long last, from running my charity at the end of last September, I have started a lay ministry course and am also the treasurer for our little church now. My brain still operates, intellectually! But I do need help with physical tasks now. For instance, this evening, I have managed to get a cassoulet (French bean stew) in the oven but t
  10. It's taken me some 5 years to come to terms with it. Lord, what a time. I am not as I was. I cannot do what I used to do, no matter how I will it. I have had few doctors who have cared - but one, now retired, younger than me! Who said, Listen, Victoria, you have had a bleeding stroke. I have learnt since to say those words with a certain emphasis (on the "bleeding") you understand. SAH, or, certainly the version I had, with hydrocephalus and post-operative complications is a form of stroke. Three times over, my brain got squeezed - by bleeding, by cerebral fluid,
  11. Louise Good to hear from you! I was told by the ATOS assessor who finally came and visited me, that she had been sent down here in Devon from Hertfordshire - because ATOS don't have enough assessors in this part of the world. Now, you are even further from wherever their organisation operates from - perhaps worth an email to your MP? They will make some calls and things might happen faster. They are our representatives, after all, and, effectively, we pay them! Use them! And yes, Win, we shouldn't have to battle and wait a whole year and more - I needed the help when I applied for
  12. I am posting this in an effort to sustain anyone else who has made an application for this benefit and may be enduring the frustration of delays and, dare I say it, ineptitude. As background, I suffered my SAH in July 2011 and came out from hospital with no idea of what to expect - like everyone who posts here, I think. I was lucky to have a truly benevolent employer - in effect, myself, as manager of a charity offering financial assistance to disabled people. The original founder of the charity helped me greatly and daily to get to and from work (at first I could only do an hour or so -
  13. I have posted elsewhere about my current state. After advice from a good friend, who is a psychatrist, I finally admitted - to myself and my GP that I am clinically depressed. It is, apparently a common after effect of a stroke (and that's how I regard my SAH these days - as a bleeding stroke - said with different nuances depending on how I'm feeling!). I have started taking anti-depressants and have embarked now on a course of CBT - so far, it's about a month since that all started. It's been an up and down month but, with the combination of the two (I have seen the GP today and also talk
  14. Sorry to have not responded before now. The world is a bit tough. I do try to sell to others - I'm trying to set up my own exit route from the charity. I have recruited someone - but she ain't me and my staff keep telling me so. That's one issue. The other (big to me) - is that she just won't or cannot just try to sort something out. The latest issue is complicated - needs some thought - possibly outside a box. I have picked up on it - suggested a strategy - I'm pretty good outside a box! The fact is, I won't leave the charity until I know it is well managed by someone else. How do I
  15. Thanks everyone - I don't know whether I'm any better or not - it's a sort of yo-yo thing at the moment. I'm having some awful times and some real highs but I think ............ no I'm not going to ascribe it to anything. Whatever, I have set a process in motion and next week, I have an appointment with the CBT people - rather earlier than expected - and the next day will see that nice GP - the listening one. Let's see what comes out of it all. Meanwhile, Macca, you're so right about the beneficial effects of being a listener as well as one who wants to be listened to. For the past sev
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