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  1. Hi Everyone,


    I have perused this site ever since my SAH occurred on August 14, 2016, but have never introduced myself or participated in any discussions.


    My story is I was home by myself as my wife was spending time with her grandmother and I was doing my business on the toilet and then out of nowhere it felt like something popped and like someone had just taken a sledgehammer to the back of my head. As the minutes went on I knew something was wrong. My face and arms were becoming numb and I could barely form words or move. Thankfully I called the cops as I knew something wasn't right and could barely speak but thankfully got my address out. I then passed out and didn't regain consciousness until 10 days later.


    From what my family told me, the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and the first week in the ICU I was close to death. I had my last rites read to me although I wasn't conscious. 


    Somehow, someway I finally regained consciousness after 10 days and slowly recovered the next 4 days before finally being released.


    I want to go into more detail about my recovery, but I don't want to make this a super long post.


    Being 3 months away from my 4yr anniversary, my biggest question/concern right now is my fatigue. Is this a common residual affect for someone going on 4 years post SAH? I often get tired after work and in the late afternoon and taking a nap helps me get my energy back. The problem though is my wife hates my need to nap. She does not believe that my fatigue/tiredness is from my SAH, she thinks I am just lazy and trying to avoid my family. We have a 3 and 1yr old so it's very tough for both of us, but my wife doesn't think it's fair that I take naps and she gets stuck with the kids.


    I have tried to talk about it with her, but my naps pretty much enrages her and often leads to us fighting. I am trying to get her to understand that my fatigue could be related to my SAH, but I want to see if others are still experiencing this years post SAH. Just now when I told her I was writing this post she mockingly said "Oh, are you looking for emotional support cause your a big baby?"


    Please, help me with understanding why I feel this way and how I can talk to my wife about it.


    Thanks for listening,





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