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  1. THANK YOU all for reaching back out to me. It is nice and very encouraging to know that I am not alone in this day to day life change. ❤️
  2. Hi Macca, Thank you for the outline . I do some of the items you listed but you have showed me a lot more to try I try my best to not bottle things up but some days I feel like I'm a broke record with the same ole story. This site has been a huge help to me and I am so thankful i found it. I just wished that I could find a face to face support group. Thanks again and have a great day, Melissa
  3. Hi ClareM I can't reduce my hours due to the fact of my insurance and financial needs. Yes my boss is very supportive and I'm thankful for that. I am thinking about visiting my Nero doctor and discussing this with him. Along with some smaller item ...lower back pain and vision change again. I was just hoping this far out I would be back on track or at least lined up right on a new track. Thanks for the support its nice to talk to someone else that have and are having the same issues and its amazing it world wide. My location is North Carolina
  4. Hey ClareM and Louise, Thank you both for letting me know that I am not alone. ClareM I am Staff Assistant for a small Community College in my home town in which I work 38 hours a week. Yes I too get my words all tangled up if I get the least bit stressed. However I do have a super boss and she can see when I am having a hard day and will tell me to go for a walk and relax or let me take a long lunch. She has even sent me home just because she knows that I have had a long week. I try my best to built up my strength but by Thursday I do good to make it throug
  5. Hello everyone, I am coming up in on my third year of the life changing SAH ( June 28, 2016) I did not have to have surgery or stent. Was in ICU for 4 days and 7th floor for 11 in which I really don't remember very much of anything. Except that I had a Bleeding Stroke. Thank God I had a wonderful ICU nurse to write down some information for me to look up once I felt better. It took me 11 months and a great Neuro doctor to get back to work. He would not release me to go back until he felt like I could handle it. However the biggest thing he has said is that I am one of
  6. Hey Jean I am making progress and I agree sometimes I need to remind myself how far I have came with my recovery. I am so glad I found this site and all the kind people on here. I hope you continue to heal and the fear gets less and less for the both of us everyday. Melissa
  7. I am 2 years (June 28,2016 was when my life changed) out now from an non-aneurysm-sah. I am truly Blessed and Thankful for the life I have. With that being said I still have days that I am scared that it is happening again but not as often as in the beginning. I am back to work and I have adjusted okay with it. I am a staff assistant at a community college and have a great bunch of people that I work with. They have helped me relearn who they are and what I do. I wish I could say that life was back to normal but as my Nero doctor says that was the old me and the n
  8. Oh WOW Thank you so much .....it has taken me some time to find these replies and I am so happy that I did. I am coming up on year 2 after my bleed and life is still different and for the most part I'm ok with that. I am Thankful to be a live and Thankful to be improving as time goes on. I still have headaches some bad and some not so bad. Since the bleed I have been back to the ER twice scared that I was having another one to find out that it was just a migraine that I could not get under control. I am truly hoping as time goes on the fear will continue to
  9. Hey Pat, Sorry it took so long for me to reply but for some reason I just saw this. Yes we are blessed !!! I was fortune even that my bleed sealed itself off so I do not know what its like to have a shunt, however I still have shooting pains in the area of the bleed and the doctor tells me that it is normal. I had my in 2016 and was able to go back to work 11 months later. I have be able to remember most of my past but not all and I do not remember 5 day of the 14 day hospital stay. I have headaches on a daily bases now some days are worse than ot
  10. God is Good.... But did you have surgery to repair the bleed. I had a SAH on June 28 2017 and I'm scared that it will happen again because of no surgery Thanks, Melissa
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