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  1. jac

    SAH - My Ironic Story

    Wow Clare, you are like superwoman! Cant believe you ran 8 miles.....just a year and a half after a NASAH. Go girl, be really proud. ? I use to run but can't anymore, i dont like the sensation of my head bouncing about, probably coz i get vertigo. I can walk miles though but a day at work and im fit for nothing in the evenings so i know what you mean about mental tiredness. ? Did they ever find a reason for your bleed? Was it traumatic? Did the hydrocephalus self resolve or did you end up with a shunt? Although i had my first bleed on 19th January i got diagnosed on 12th February just two days after you- thats when i had the seizure in ED. I had my coiling on Friday 13th lol. Homelife has really settled down the past 3-4weeks and im really hoping to marry my gorgeous man next year...so everything is looking rosey It sounds like your husband has been supportive to you. Im feeling a bit better today, the eye pain is quite mild now. Feeling a bit of a fraud but actually also feel a million miles away from normal, feel guilty laying on sofa and not being at work :/ Have you ever had to have time off? Do you get any symptoms now? Thank you for your well wishes. Best wishes Jac. Xx
  2. jac

    SAH - My Ironic Story

    You are both so warm and welcoming. Its brilliant talking to people who get this prolonged illness, or at least its side effects. I always wear a smile, sometimes i think thats why nobody understands the pain of the fatigue, they just dont see it. Ive been having vertigo and pins and needles with eye pain this week which is scarey i know theres no point going to Drs they'll just say its part ot it......so ive phoned in sick at work ( only my second time in the 16 months ive been back) Im not going to feel guilty. Im done with dragging myself through this. This week im going to be kind to myself. Its ok to drink wine, isnt it? I use it medicinal to combat the pain of the tiredness. Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine . Thanks for the support. Love Jac. Xx
  3. jac

    SAH - My Ironic Story

    Thank you Winb143. It certainly makes me realise how lucky i was. I never needed OT or physio.. How amazing you are getting there, you must be so strong and brave I've had nothing but stress since my bleed and find it hard to avoid. How do you steer clear of it. Water is the answer to everything. I always feel better after a good drink. Best wishes. Jac. Xx
  4. jac

    SAH - My Ironic Story

    Thank you Tina. This site looks amazing. People have so little understanding of this kind of insult to the brain. It is a great way to share our experiences together. I'm really hopeful things will settle down now. Take care you too. Jac xx
  5. Its was January 19th 2015, I had been to the gym, then off to see a friend. Rushing about and running upstairs, I had a sudden pain the the back of my head which instantly became a sharp nerve pain in the front of my head. I felt sick, had a stiff neck. I knew it was a SAH. I'd worked on Neuro ICU for 7 years and did 3 years on the Neuro ward prior to that. My then 17 yr old daughter drove me to hospital (i just couldn't ring an ambulance- the poor NHS is so stretched, omg). The ED doctor wasn't sure what to do.....I had no focal neurology, just a headache which had rapidly gone from intolerable to bearable in 2 hours. Nausea had gone but stiff neck persisted. She got the ED consultant, he told me I was paranoid because of where I worked. I was discharged home with migraine. Over the next 4 days the 'migraine' hadn't improved. I saw a GP who said to see how things went over next few days! I went to work on the Friday night - was in considerable pain- but continued to look after my SAH patient throughout the night. I dragged myself out on Saturday night and drank to numb the pain....the next morning I had fuzzy vision blaming the booze. Monday, at a course I fainted- overwhelmed by pain- my manager wheeled me upstairs to ED. A CT scan revealed nothing- by now I had blurred vision and incredible cheek/eye pain. I was given IV antibiotics and sent home with a diagnosis of sinusitis. 2 days later I couldn't lift my head off the pillow to attend my sons school play. I phoned my ex and asked him to go....he came and saw how sick i was and took me to GP...I vomited in the surgery. I couldn't hold my head up and had double vision. He said for us to go ED....my ex drove me up. I couldn't walk, he carried me in....I knelt on the floor, head on the chair. A nurse took me to a trolley. I awoke in re-sus following a seizure. One eye wouldn't open....I was going for a CT. A large SAH was revealed. A colleague recognised me and called one of the sisters where I worked....she came and sorted out nimodipine, antiemetics and catheterised me. I was admitted to the ward and had a coiling the following morning. Being looked after by my colleagues on icu was amazing, they are brilliant nurses. I know how lucky I have been. I left hospital 10 days later with a complete ptosis and severe pain. It took 3 months for my eye to open and the double vision to stop. In this time, I had moved forward with a man I had been seeing casually- he was my strength and became my best friend and the love of my life. I forced myself to work the following month.... My 2 follow up MRIs have shown the coils are good and I have a tiny remnant and the neuroradiologist is perfectly happy with this. Life has been ok (a house move, a new job I just didn't enjoy Neuro ICU anymore, two new stepchildren and, a massive court battle to keep custody of my children-as my ex tried to turn them against me, my eldest son refuses to see me still (since June 2015) but last month I was awarded full custody of the youngest two). I am thankful to be alive and try to be happy but my energy is easily sapped and I am reminded almost every day.... Today 20 months later. I feel fatigue. I have a new sensation of pins and needles in my right leg and hand and the pain in my face has returned although intermittent and mild, vertigo can be tough somedays, I seem to have periods of anxiety linked to extreme exhaustion. I gave up with my GP...who really couldn't offer any advice. I decided to find some support and joined this forum.
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