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  1. wishing the best for issy, so sorry to hear that you were so let down by people at work. whatever you decide to do now, I hope you find happiness and peace. cheering from usa xx
  2. im sorry to hear this happened will keep good thoughts going for you .take good care of yourself !
  3. Hi Sairah, I had coiling September 2016 and for the first four months I had the strange scalp sensations off and on. It scared me at first,but after a while I realized it was just my head making adjustments.i used to say I was getting a scalp massage from a ghost,or ants were having a rave up there! It calmed down over time, just every now and then I will feel itches or tightness. As everyone says,talk to your doctor if in doubt. Wish you all the best,this site helps just seeing all the really nice people here who are all going through this together. Be well ☺️
  4. Just read your post,I'm so very sorry you are feeling this way right now. A lot of good advice has been given, so I will just offer you a virtual hug. You are not alone,as you can see! please be kind to yourself,you have been through so much,and there are plenty of better days ahead
  5. Just reading what has been said here has really helped ease my fears.thank you all so very much for that. I thought I was going mad, honestly. I deal with it by making jokes most of the time, I was even doing that in the hospital. I remember a nurse coming in and asking why was I not sleeping? I told her this was the worst B&B I'd ever stayed in,she laughed but really I was too scared to sleep!
  6. Hello everyone. I'm Blue, 49 years old from Maryland USA. I had sah on September 1st 2016. I was at work,near the end of the day. Im a legal assistant,and was on the phone with a client when I suddenly felt the world going gray. I had sah of anterior communicating artery,and a minor ischemic stroke during coiling. I feel very fortunate to have survived,and so far,I've made a great deal of progress in recovery. This site has been a wealth of information,and inspiring to see so many survivors helping others.
  7. My sah was on sept 1 2016. I also had a minor ischemic stroke during the coiling. I have moments where I am completely overwhelmed with fear of having another bleed. I also find myself just generally scared of any illness,which is very unlike the old me! Six month angiogram showed coils had compressed a bit,and there is a residual neck to the Annie,but doc said go live a normal life and come back next February for another angiogram. I try very hard to do just that,live a normal life. I returned to my job,do housework,etc but always with that fear sitting on my head and heart. I g
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