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  1. Hi Lise366! I'm just 3 weeks postoperative. It was not a straight forward recovery but I am getting there slowly. I am thinking of you and I wish you all the best. In my opinion, UK neurosurgeons are very high skilled and you will be in good hands. It is normal to be scared as I was dreadfully scared and cried non stop from October. I still feel weak. I am grateful and thank God that I can live and see my children grow. All the best and I will pray for you. Maya
  2. Thank you very much Super Mario.I wish you a Happy New as well. Thank you very much for all support and encouragement for the last 2 month.I am stil on my course and manage to do my tutorial which you encourage me to continue . We didn't buy any present for children but my husband decorated very beatifully house and bought a goose which unfortunately we couldn't eat. But NHS is great they gave her so many presents she managed to share with little brother. We are lucky in UK here to have NHS and such skilled doctors. I pray to God the results come negative and we can go home. All the best wishes to all of you and a Happy New Year. Maya
  3. Thank you very much Debbie, Tina,Win and everybody who support through my difficult time.I wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. I am in hospital with my middle daughter .She had a chickenpox and developed complication she had swollen knee and couldn't walk.I was devastated as was query sepsis. I thank the God that she feel a little bit better.I am absolutely emotionally drained with all events happening in my life.Thank you very much for listening me and giving me such support. Maya
  4. Thank you very much Tina and Wn for your reassuring messages. I had a letter from Consultant saying that they want to see me on 11th of January. I assume they already know which treatment to proceed with. Maya
  5. Hi everybody! I have seen my registrar last week and he mentioned that because of the shape and neck, they will probably consider endovascular treatment, but still waiting for Consultants meeting to make last decision. Can anybody give me advice please, has anyone had this treatment for ophtalmic segment aneurysm? Has anybody experienced burning sensation in the top of your head? Thank you very much.
  6. Hi Suzie. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I have my Richard. I am having tests with dye tomorrow and after they will decide about surgery. Mine is left para ophtalmic aneurysm. I was reading in the posts, some people experience poor eyesight after surgery. I am so worried for tomorrow. I had my scan and I have a very bad cough. I have had antibiotics and the doctor said we can't give any more as they think it's a virus. I am worried about my test in case I start coughing. I will let you know how everything goes. Thank you very much and wish you a speedy recovery. Maya.
  7. Hi Suzie! I follow your posts since October when I have been diagnosed as we have something similar. You did experience headaches and were worried that time .I am very happy for you that you step forward and on the way to recovery. I am doing my nursing course still go to uni and struggle with my headache and fatigue. Sometimes think why am doing this, It doesn't make sense because I will go through brain surgery. I am so devastated as I have little kids. I would like to know how are coping with your daily activities. Thank you very much for listening. MAYA
  8. Hi everyone! Thank you very much for your warm words and reassurance. I have got a letter yesterday and I wil have dyed MRI on the 6th of December. I am counting my days and feeling anxious.I went to university last week. The lectures was so interesting everybody have fun but I was absolutely on different planet.It is so hard to concentrate. Thank you very much for all kind words and support. Maya
  9. I have had a very bad cough for a week. Yesterday went to see GP. He prescribed me antibiotics and said cough doesn't affect my aneurysm to burst or to grow. However I have read in some American post that coughing can affect aneurysm. Anybody know if coughing can trigger aneurysm. Thank you very much for all your support and time. I was a very busy woman with my children, study, doing agency job meanwhile. Now everythings changed, I am so depressed. So sorry. Maya
  10. Thank you Bagpuss. Mine is 6 7 mm. They will do something. My worries is, ophthalmic artery and I could lose my eyesight. At the moment I feel a lot of pressure in my head. If I didn't have the pressure in my head and feeling unbalanced, maybe I could concentrate on something else, but i'ts always on my mind.
  11. Hi Paul 99! Thank you so much for your letter. I will try to spend more time with the youngest children. I was so depressed last 4 weeks. Last night my little daughter said Mummy I am scared that when you go in to hospital you never come back. I know I have to be strong but it is so difficult. Thank you very much for all your support. I feel better now. Maya
  12. HI Macca! Thank you so much for your time to write such a reassuring letter. At the moment I feel like lost. All my friend at uni encourage me to continue but personally I don't know what is waiting for me. I keep reading all the people affected by aneyresm stories and became more concern. My aneurysm on the left ophtalmic artery which considered difficult to treat.I haven't seen consultant yet . It is going to be on the 10th of January. I am sorry to say buy I feel so stressed and devastated. When I look at my youngest he is stil so small and what if I will not be around. If I can turn the time back I would never have resigned from nhs and started my nursing course. So many things in my head. Sorry to tell you about my feelings. Maya
  13. Thank you so much for all support.You are all so wonderful people. I felt a little bit better but stil can't stop thinking .
  14. Thank you very much for your support and reassurance. Probably you are right I have to put my trust on God. I have been 7 years work for nhs and last year decided to do my nursing degree. I am 44 and 2nd year student. I don't know what to do, leave the course or continue. I have little children, instead of running to uni spend time with kids becouse the future is unpredictable. Can anybody give me advice please. Thank you.
  15. Oh dear Super Mario . I've been so many times at Gp and emergency twice. Gp sent twice urgent letter but UCLH doesn't consider its urgent case. I have family and children they are very supportive. But it's me I have to understand stressing myself doesn't help. And at the same I can't stop thinking about it. I was working for 7 years for nhs and last year I decided to do my nursing course .Now I don't know what to do leave or carry on until it will be clear what treatment. I was sitting at home for weeks and feel more depressed. And at the same time do not know what future is ahead. I have little children 8 and 4. Thank you very much for your reply. Any doctors you can recommend. Thanks a lot. God bless you.
  16. Hi everybody! Just recently been diagnosed with ophtalmic aneyresm. I am very worried.For 3 weeks just stay at home crying and scared to go out and dont know wha'ts waiting for me as first appointment is to be in January. If anybody can give me advice of any good consultant in London. Mine is 7mm and place ophtalmic artery...Thank you very much. Maya
  17. HI everybody. I am new here. I have just been diagnosed with ophtalmic aneyresm recently. Can anybody give me advice please. I am so worried have little children. I live in London. Can anybody recommend a good neurosurgeon. I will have first appointment in January and further angiography. Thank you very much.
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