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  1. I recently had my 2 year MRI scan and assumed everything would be ok and that I wouldn’t need to see the consultant. However I have received an appointment. Does this mean something has been seen on the scan? Tia x
  2. Hi Michelle , Thank you so much , noticed you are from County Durham very close to me in Hartlepool . I can't tell you how much this site has helped me. Left hospital without any do's or dont's , and do think I was dehydrated. Rectified that now 2-3 litres of water . Appreciate all advice and ready to travel that recovery road x
  3. Hi win thank you for your reply , and this forum ! It has already become a great comfort to me . Thanks Tracyh x
  4. Hi guys , I am 6 weeks post sah coiling . Initially my recovery was going so well , however the last week I have felt very unwell . Light headed , dizzy and to say the least very anxious . I visited gp for an assessment and was told to rest and take on more fluids . Following all advice given but wonder why I felt so well at the beginning and so poorly now ? Anyone that can reassure me that this not uncommon , I would be very grateful
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