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  1. Hi Clare, I realise now I really do and will need to take it.The type of job i do as a Parts man requires good memory of numbers and can be at times fast paced which requires a quickness of thinking that I can not handle anymore. When im overloaded I almost freeze and and become so frustrated/embarrased that my mind goes blank. In truth every role I have done since the accidents give me some form of believe that everything will be better if i move jobs but although the salary is now something im happy with it is still a job i can not realistically handle if I dont get t
  2. Good morning Win, We spoke before ..well from that point I regained the way slightly but only for a limited time and never followed up on anything I said I would.This is I can only blame on myself. I start to feel good and then I convince myself I am rid of the issues I have since the injuries.The real truth is I now live day by day and what we say in Glasgow is I am "winging each day" i know deep down I am not who I was and I struggle with tasks I never did before. I am now at a crunch point in my life where this needs to stop and the fact I need to deal with it toda
  3. Hi Jess, So its possible then the way I am now is still related to the injuries I sustained.Deep down I know it is which is where I struggle to accept.I agree it is a vicious circle.I know a need rest but one of my issues is I also can not sit down.If I sit down I become bored/depressed/start to overthink so I become restless and all the other negatives start to come out so I choose to always try and be what I regard positive and move forward or be active but this is giving me big negatives. I am hoping to speak to headway Glasgow at a meeting today.At the moment I am
  4. Hello, My name is Robert Semple. In December 2013 i was attacked and subsequently ended up with an intrecerebral and extra axial haemorrhage involving front lobes and left inferior temporal lobe. I also had some bleeding in the front of my head due to the fact my brain had moved and my skull was fractured. I wrote on here a few years back and the users helped me and i am hoping the users can again. I have questions that i suppose i need educating on. Firstly, (and maybe naively) just how serious are these? And secondly is it possible that the issues i am hav
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