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  1. Hi all, i have been off site site for long time. I thought I didn’t need support but I do ,and nobody else understands the impact my SAH had on my life .It happened Jan 2017. I am really confused as to which exercise I should avoid......if any ? I do yoga four times weekly but when I have to any yoga with head down it worries . I suppose I am anxious again as had MRI at John Radcliffe last week and it bought it back . Any advice gratefully received
  2. Thank you for warm welcome. I am struggling to find my way around this site ?I am most confused
  3. I will make sure I read this , currently struggling so it may help . Thank you
  4. Thank you everyone. This has reassured me ??
  5. Hi all, I had my SAH in January and it's only last two weeks it's hit me . All came flooding back and I keep thinking it's going to happen again in January. Is this something anyone else has struggled with ? I have arranged some psychological treatment so hopefully this will ease . I find myself looking at studies for likelihood of it happening again and it terrifies me . Any advice warmly welcomed.?
  6. It's been hard realising things just happen and we have no control. Still coming to terms with it all and latest MRI bought it all back .
  7. Good Evening Everyone, I had SAH in January this year and just recently thought oh I am fine all sorted ......then the MRI and going back to the John Radcliffe bought it all flooding back. Any advice gratefully received,feeling worried about the results now . Kind Regards Josie
  8. Anyone had difficulty finding words sometimes after sah? Memory too g bad . It's been 4 months since the bleed.
  9. Hi all, just wondering if if anyone has encountered a change in taste since their SAH ? I always loved a cup of tea and since being in hospital I have no urge to drink it anymore? Maybe it's my imagination ?
  10. Good Evening everyone , I have noted lately my memory is awful ! Keep leaving the cooker on and TV . Does this improve ? Sometimes too I seem to daydream and don't hear when people talk to me or there's a delay of a few seconds before I answer. Prior to my SAH I was always so organised ?But I am very glad to be here thanks to John Radcliffe Hospitals wonderful professionals . It's wonderful to see the sunshine today I felt very lucky .
  11. Hi Gareth , Welcome ! I had my SAH in January and recovering well, I guess my advice is to be patient, the short term memory is annoying but that and tiredness seem to be the norm for SAH . I feel tired most of the time and get impatient with my self as want to get back to normal quickly ,but my body is telling me it needs rest . I have found it has helped me to come on here and speak with others that's helped a lot . The main things I have learnt is rest up ,be patient and kind to yourself . It's great you are there to support your partner and that you are taking time out to find out all you can . Feel free to message me anytime . Best Wishes Josie
  12. Hi all, I sleep so so much and I know it's normal after what happened , however my bleed was only small so I assumed I would not be as tired as some of you who were more seriously impacted . Yesterday I did my first run well Walk run really ,it was good but today exhausted ?I guess I need to learn the lesson of patience. Also guilt seems to be playing it's part as I feel guilty for resting and sleeping so much ? Any advice gratefully received! If I don't respond quickly it's simply because I can't navigate around this site , I am very slow at the moment . I am so glad you are all here to talk with . Best Wishes Josie
  13. I had my first run yesterday . Well more like a run walk really ! Very slow and felt like a beginner again but I will build on it slowly it's a start and happy with what I did . ?
  14. Thank you it helps to hear others experiences . Sorry for delay in responding I really cannnot figure out how to use site properly,the simplest of things really confuse me now . Tiredness all the time too I cannot believe I sleep so many hours . Best wishes Josie
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