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  1. Hi Matt, Reading this bought back memories as I too was on Park Run 🏃🏼‍♀️ one Saturday morning. I had a blasting head after running for 15 min and for some mad reason I continued to just walk around holding my very stiff neck . Look after yourself you are lucky to be here as we all are . Sounds like you’re doing great and remember you wouldn’t tell anyone else they’re a fraud so don’t say it to yourself. Take Care Matt
  2. Good Evening all, I had my SAH January 2017 and have had MRI every year. I received letter recently to say my ne xt one is 2023. Is this the norm?
  3. Am I the only one to be terrified every time I have a headache or strange sensation . Sometimes I am scared to go to sleep in case I won’t wake up ?
  4. 2.5 years on . 1. Don’t waste my time with people I don’t like . 2. Grateful for my life 3.I still get scared every time I have a headache or strange sensation. 4.Sometimes I can’t sleep because I think I won’t wake up .
  5. Hi all, i have been off site site for long time. I thought I didn’t need support but I do ,and nobody else understands the impact my SAH had on my life .It happened Jan 2017. I am really confused as to which exercise I should avoid......if any ? I do yoga four times weekly but when I have to any yoga with head down it worries . I suppose I am anxious again as had MRI at John Radcliffe last week and it bought it back . Any advice gratefully received
  6. I will make sure I read this , currently struggling so it may help . Thank you
  7. It's been hard realising things just happen and we have no control. Still coming to terms with it all and latest MRI bought it all back .
  8. Anyone had difficulty finding words sometimes after sah? Memory too g bad . It's been 4 months since the bleed.
  9. I had my first run yesterday . Well more like a run walk really ! Very slow and felt like a beginner again but I will build on it slowly it's a start and happy with what I did . ?
  10. Thank you it helps to hear others experiences . Sorry for delay in responding I really cannnot figure out how to use site properly,the simplest of things really confuse me now . Tiredness all the time too I cannot believe I sleep so many hours . Best wishes Josie
  11. Hi all , My SAH was on 7th January and I am wondering when it would be okay to go running again. I am not talking about next two weeks or so but generally ? Are there any runners out there ? What was your experience? Any advice most gratefully received . Josie
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