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  1. I too experienced a PMSAH a month and a half ago, this is my first post. I would say around day 4 or 5 of my hospital stay I experienced lower back pain/ spasms and severe leg cramps. These lasted for about two weeks after I was discharged. While in the hospital I was only taking acetaminophen and occasionally oxycodone for the pain. The meds didn't help much with the leg and back pain. I stopped taking the oxy all together by day 6 and was only taking acetaminophen ( plus nimodipine and getting heparin shots in the stomach). Every time a nurse would come in I would tell them about it, but they just looked at me cluelessly and didn't offer much advice. Some just assumed it was from laying for so long with limited movement. I drank plenty of water everyday and all things considered was moving quite a bit. I thought if I could get up and walk around that would help with the cramping and pain. So I would walk several laps around the floor each day . Even walking my legs would spasm and cramp up. Especially when I would first get up my legs and back would spasm almost making my legs buckle. It got too much to tolerate so I asked if there was something else they could prescribe. Then they gave me a muscle relaxer, that didn't help either only made me loopy. So I didn't take that again . The heat packs seem to work the best. I'm sorry I wish I had a better answer for easing the pain . Eventually it got better, took about two and a half weeks from the initial pmsah for the spasms to completely go away. Tell your husband to hang in there and hope he is feeling better. Gayle