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Johnnie M

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    SE London
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    Driving and travelling. Happily the driving thing can now happen as I had my licence returned to me on 24th May 2018 (at 4.36 pm, approximately! ;-)

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  1. Johnnie M

    Comeback - Bill

    Dear Bill. I have a lovely house in SE London. Please feel free to holiday there as and when you feel like it. There are many little jobs that need doing and even though I know they need doing my wife seems to keep reminding me every six months. She seems obsessed! Your family can be in London in less than an hour on our superb train service (we will even give them lifts to the station!). You, however, will be busy.....
  2. Johnnie M

    Medical Driving Assessment

    I have just been catching up on the forums here and found that Karl seems to have gone offline for a while. Perhaps he got his licence back and was so excited that he just hopped in his car and hasn't been seen since. He could well be on a road trip to end all road trips. If he is then all is well in his world and it is worth a cheer! Go Karl!
  3. Johnnie M


    Lyneh So sorry to hear about your tumour. Benign or otherwise it must have been such a worry for you and your family. I wish you a swift recovery. Now we can see the Esterman test results, I can understand your concern. It is definitively Hemianopia rather than quadrantanopia. The DVLA may not that there is quite a clear central vision but as it covers two sectors of vision I am unable to really help. Get the results in along with all the other reports required under the exception case rules and see what they say. I am sorry that I can't be more specific but as has been mentioned before, we are not medically trained and more specifically, we are not members of DVLA teams deciding these cases.\ The DVLA will take each case on its' own merits so it is almost impossible to say one way or another. Good luck to him and let us know how you get on with the application. The more information we have, the more likely we can help with an appeal if it is needed for someone in the future. What is important is that the DVLA are consistent. If they are consistent with their decisions then we can't complain but when they deviate and allow someone a licence, where similar results have not lead to another person getting theirs back, then that is unfair. JM
  4. Johnnie M


    Lyneh, Glad to hear that your Son is moving forward to reapply for his licence. The waiting is interminable. I am so sorry but I am not able to comment on whether his results are likely to get positive results from the DVLA as I am not qualified to do so. However, if you can make the pics smaller (your Son can help with this) then post them here. We may then be able to make an educated guess based on what results we had. In fact, if you look at my results I posted a few pages ago right here then you may well be able to judge yourself. However, be aware that each case will be viewed one it's own so there may be many reason's why DVLA allow some to move forward and not others. We do not know what their criteria are. If the DVLA review the Esterman test results and then ask for reports then take each step slowly and you should eventually find he gets his licence back. It just takes quite a while. If all the reports are sent along with the re-application then this will help shorten the process but be aware that the wheels of industry (pardon the pun) turn very slowly at the DVLA. Good luck to you and your Son. JM
  5. Johnnie M

    On this day in 2016 I had my stroke.

    You may be right Daffodil! One horsepower? Yikes!! I will be the chap who needs to get a carriage that takes two horses (much like the Citroen 2CV, deux chevaux). The 2CV is actually one of my favourite cars of all time. It is hilarious to drive and couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding (as my Grandpa used to say). It was, nonetheless, full of character and it never failed to illicit a wave from other 2 CV drivers, much like the British sports car marque, TVR (which have engines at completely the opposite end of the scale! JM
  6. On this day in 2016 I had my stroke. Well, a headache actually which I was told was a stroke. A bit of vision loss and perhaps some memory obfuscation but otherwise I am all good. In a few days time I shall also have been tobacco free for two years. Yesterday I had been driving again for 4 months. I love it! Fuel costs are hitting me hard but I am not ready to go electric, despite the amazing torque those machines have! Internal combustion engine all the way for me! And a bon journee to you all.
  7. Johnnie M


    I had every confidence that all would be fine Ally and it seems that it will be! Fantastic news! Remember to buy L Plates for your car and don't go out on your own as you wont be insured. Your passenger will need to have had a full UK licence for over three years and you can't go on motorways. I only had a couple of weeks in a car before I had my assessment but it was invaluable in convincing me that all would be fine. When you get your assessment date call them and ask for a cancellation so that you can get it done as soon as possible (unless you feel you need an extended time on a provisional). Kelly and I have recent experiences with the assessment so come back when you have had a few trips in your car and let us know how you got on. We can then give you the full modus operandi for the assessment. You don't need to wait for the actual licence before getting out on the road. Call them again and ask if it is OK to drive now. I did exactly that, they said yes, so I left work, met my wife at the station, she drove me (in my car) to Halfords and I purchased a set of L plates, stuck them on the car and was back on the road within two hours of getting a 'Yes'. Have fun on the road, concentrate and take it slowly for a while. Moreover, be safe and enjoy! It's a liberating experience.
  8. Johnnie M


    Well Ally, I had all that flim flam and after a number of weeks I sent a letter of complaint (which in itself took two weeks to deal with!) but it did make a big difference and they have targets you see! My point to them was that if I am a 'high priority case' then what is it that they are doing to reflect that fact. I knew that they had had the reports they requested as they had already confirm the dates they had received them. I was also told *by various people at DVLA) that the information would be 'considered within two week' and it had already been 5 weeks so quite what 'high priority meant was beyond my understanding. Words to that effect anyway. Once the complaint had been received they seemed to be on top of it and I had a specific case officer allocated to me. I guess I was just frustrated at the lack of forward movement really! Worth a try I guess. Well, it couldnt hurt. JM
  9. Johnnie M


    Hey Ally They really wont mind if you call them every day to be hones. They are fully understanding of how keen you will be to progress things and wont be at all offended for the reminder that you are still waiting. Ask if one of the managers could email the team of doctors who will be reviewing your case to see if they can chivvy it along. It wont hurt. Good luck and keep us informed. Also, stay positive, you have got this far without hurdle! JM
  10. Johnnie M


    Any news Ally? The wheels of industry do turn slowly at DVLA but you may have been lucky? If you are not doing so, call them every day to see how the process is coming along with your claim. I did! JM
  11. Johnnie M

    Back to Driving - Different countries

    Hey Swishy. It is good for us all to hear about rules and regulations in other parts of the world so thanks for your input. I am not a legally trained (except in Property/real estate matters) but my view is that, to protect yourself (and other road users) you should get WRITTEN confirmation from your neuro consultant that he thinks that you are OK to drive and issue a copy of that letter to your car insurers to make sure they will continue cover. If you do not do this then you are opening yourself to complications if you have an accident and the insurance company wants to be slippery about it. You may have already done this. JM
  12. Johnnie M


    Great news Ally. Come back here when you get told to arrange a driving assessment. We know all about those! haha. Am off to the Goodwood Festival of Speed tomorrow and I shall be driving there myself. Yay! JM
  13. Johnnie M

    Medical Driving Assessment

    Fan bloomin' tastic Karl! It is such a buzz to read all that. I relived my own assessment of 2nd May as I was reading your excellent summary of events. Mine was slightly different in that I had to do a 'reaction' and 'decision making' tests on a driving test bed. Hitting the brake when you see a red lights (that was difficult because, like you, I don't have a full field of vision!) and hitting either brake or accelerator when certain combinations of green or red lights flash up. Reaction times were critical and a graph was issued to the DVLA of my results. I was surprised when told that the only real test of any importance was the on-road test. I am not quite sure that this is the case but I certainly started it with some trepidation and felt super confident when I got back to base. I was told I had done well and that it was a 'nice drive'. They seemed particularly impressed that I knew the meaning of a road sign (National speed limit on a single carriageway) but more so that I knew it was 60mph speed limit. I was told that most people don't answer that! Oh well. I also managed to spot a 20 mph speed restriction, which went down well. I am pretty sure that in a week or two you'll be back on the road again without restrictions. It's a life changer. I have been out pretty much every day since I got my licence back. Can't help myself!! Well done!!
  14. Finollie. If I now reading things correctly, you have had your licence revoked AFTER you had the Esterman test at Specsavers in May 2018? If that is the case then you need to get on to the DVLA to let them know that you would like to understand if you will be able to apply for your licence back under the exceptional case rules. I have already posted what those rules are in my last post but you wont be able to apply using these rules until you are 'event' free for a year. Since you have already been event free I would suggest that you call DVLA and find out what it is you can do to get your licence back. I never passed the field of vision test to get my licence back and probably never will; hence the need to jump through the exceptional case hoops! So long as things are done methodically I was always of the opinion that I would get my licence back. And I did! I wish you all the best with it. Always ask more questions if you need to. Keep us informed!
  15. Johnnie M


    My wife has one. She is 54 and has known about it for over three decades. She has been told not to worry about it.