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  1. Thanks for so much information Hoofbeat. You are a marvel! I shall fixate on the test and have plans to start the process at the end of July, in accordance with the DVLA rules. First hurdle is the meeting I have with the Neuro Opthalmologist later this month. I hope that they are used to people asking them what it is we have to do to get the right tests to be seen as an exceptional circumstance by the DVLA! For background information, I had a left occipital ischemic stroke with haemorraghic transformation in Sept 2016 and was left only with right inferior quadrantanopia. Long words eh! All the best...
  2. Hi Hoofbeat! Many congrats, firstly on getting your licence back and secondly on your firstborn! Parenthood is a joy! And thank you so much for your fulsome response. I feel so certain that I could drive as well as anyone (better than some!) that I just couldn't even countenance the possibility of not driving again. I may not be confident to blat around the mountains and passes of Europe like I have for so many years but getting out and enjoying some 'me' time with my car seems now to be a possibility! I have so many questions about the actual test but that can wait as I have a few hoops to jump though yet. My 'episode' was on 26th Sept 2016 so I guess I could start the process in middle of August 2017? I am seeing a Neuro Opthalmologist from NHS on 25th this month (first visit) so I shall see what their view is on my vision and get an update from my Esterman test taken last October (after which DVLA revoked my licence). If they are not sufficiently helpful I shall bring out the big guns and go private if necessary. I always felt that the NHS was as good as one can get but this may be a different scenario! It's all about the licence now! Many thanks again for your help and I shall be sure to update you as time goes by. Some time to go yet though; hope was all I needed. x
  3. I am wondering whether Kerryb is still around on this forum? You seemed to have got your licence back in just over one year. May I ask whether this was the result of getting back to pretty clear vision or was it via a driving test after DVLA cleared you on all the other criteria for an exceptional circumstance? I realise that you did have a test early on but maybe you had a test later that ended up you getting your licence back? Anyone else with quadrantanopia that got their licence back on the 'exceptional circumstances' remit from DVLA? I am over six months from my occipital stroke I can't recognise any great improvement but would easily pass the criteria set by the DVLA to be allowed to take a driving test. The loss of sight, in my case, feels pretty minimal and is having barely any effect on my existence. I would be a more confident driver than my wife I think! Anyone here been cleared to take a DVLA test as an exceptional circumstance? Hoping for good news as I can't bear not being able to drive!
  4. Thanks Super! It's a shame that they didn't keep people informed of their own progress. Perhaps she got her licence back and life is not revolving around when she might get her licence back any more? Whatever, it would be great to have a conclusion. JM
  5. Any update from Hoofbeat on this. I am a newbie here and had my licence revoked (due to right peripheral vision lost, quadrantanopia) in November 2016. It's like having my life blood cut off. I take an annual holiday each year with pals driving in the mountains of Europe. No more it seems! Well, perhaps until the year is up and I can be retested. I have found no great improvement since the stroke on 26th Sept 2016 so presume any improvement will happen very slowly, if at all. I had no signs of having a stroke; just a headache and loss of periphery vision. No movement or coordination issues so anyone looking at me would not have known at all! It would be good to hear whether Hoofbeat ever got her licence back as her situation seems closest to mine. Johnnie M
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