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  1. Hello to you all.. I Have received my date for my op today.. Mixed emotions as I was told it was gonna be between 2 & 3 months away.. Only made my decision two weeks ago that I wanted to go ahead.. 8th March it's set for unless its cancelled.. I know I need this for my peace of mind but am feeling quite scared now.. I've read all your experiences and am so in awe of what people have been through.. Time to be brave me thinks xx
  2. Thank you for your replies.. I know the right thing to do is make that call which hopefully I will make in the next couple of days.. Over that past 18months I've had a few near misses regarding my health which have lead to the incidental finding of the anyurisum.. So someone somewhere is definitely looking out for me xx
  3. Thank you Claire and Super!! I met the neuroradiologist last Thursday obviously he had to tell me off all the possible risks of the procedure .. My panic really surrounded my thoughts about my daughter who has a learning disability (aged 28) of what would happen to her if things went wrong. Long term I know I need to make sure I am there for her and the op carries the best outcome for this. I've spoken to many people who have friends and family who have sadly passed away because of anyurisum rupture.. Until now I've not spoken to anyone who has had treatment on their aneurysm so It's good to read the positive stories.. I have a direct phone number to the specialist nurse who was lovely.. I've just gotta make that call as current waiting list is 2 to 3 months.. Many thanks to you both
  4. Just want to say hello.. Looking really for support and inspiration to make that call to go ahead of the coiling procedure on my 8mm anuysem.. Reading some of the stories makes me feel quite mardy and a bit of a wimp.. I know the only way to get peace of mind is to go ahead.. Just looking for a kick up the bum really lol
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