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  1. Misty

    9 months post SAH

    Hi Kathie, Mine was New Years Eve too, and 9 months isn't long at all in the recovery after SAH. You say you don't feel ready to go back to a stressful 12 hour shift at work - and that worries you. I wouldn't be ready either - I think that is far too tough on you right now, and if I were you I would wait until you do feel ready. As Macca says - maybe you should think about reducing those hours, or finding a less stressful job. Stress is bad enough in recovery, but 12 hours of it are asking for trouble. I was told that it could take up to 2 years to recover, I'm doing well but am n
  2. Dear Sophie, What an inspiring young woman you are. Your posts touched me. I have a niece called Sophie who is 2 years older than you. It was a huge shock to me too when I had a ruptured aneurism on New Years Eve, and I am 53, so for you I can imagine that it must have been mind blowing. Like you, I have made a good recovery and we have to thank our lucky stars that we made it, as it could quite as easily been very different for both of us. I felt just like you in the early days, I was scared, I was sad, and then I came on this site and it helped me a great deal. I deci
  3. Hi Yoyo, Everything you are going through, and everything you are feeling is perfectly normal after SAH. I think what you have to do is to take tiny steps, and not great big ones. From reading your posts it seems to me that you are giving yourself such a hard time, you are focusing on what you can't do instead of what you can do. Try and put your doubts and anxieties about your marriage onto one side for a while and just focus on yourself. Looking in from the outside it seems like you are mourning for who you used to be. It may take quite some time to be that person aga
  4. Hi Kathie, I had my SAH on New Years Eve too. I had 2 aneurisms coiled and another 2 on watch. I have recovered really well but can't do as much as I used to do. I read somewhere that it can take 2 years to get back to full stamina. I'm lucky in that I'm self employed so can do as much or as little as I want, I'm not sure that I could go back to work full time, so I hope you can get some help financially while you are still in recovery. I haven't been on here for a while as I try and put it all behind me and not think about it quite so much, and just get on with life, getting as m
  5. Missy, all you have to do is to go and see your GP, they can give you permission to drive. Then you can call DVLA to tell them your Doctor thinks you are fit to drive.
  6. Hi Jan, I've had a few of those "why me" days too, especially during the first week or two after getting home from the hospital, but it's getting easier. It could all change next week though as I have my first appointment with the consultant to find out about the other untreated aneurysms. Hopefully it's not bad news when I go. For you though, forgive me but I haven't read all of your posts so don't know your history, just wanted to reply to this particular post. In all situations in life, it really doesn't help to feel anger or bitterness, easy to say I know when you'v
  7. Hi Lise, Just thinking of you and wondering how you got on with your op on 8th March. Hoping to hear from you soon in the hope that all went well. Best Wishes
  8. Yes it helps to think that they will be keeping an eye on me, and actually I'm not overly concerned about the ones they haven't dealt with......it may be different once I find out more info as I have no idea what size they are yet. Although I have made a good recovery so far, I am aware that I'm not out of the woods yet. I am hoping that they are small and that no treatment is necessary.....and will try not to worry about it until a scan reveals that they are growing. It is concerning to hear that 9 months ago your scan was clear...could it be that it was missed on the scan? Then
  9. Wow, that's early for driving clearance, I really had to persuade my Doctor that I was fit to drive, I was going crazy stuck at home. Not good news about the Nioxin, I didn't know that, so useful to know. You are doing really well, you must be very relieved....it could have been so different for both of us. I still have more aneurysms to deal with and will know more when I next see the consultant at the end of this month. They've cleared me to fly so I can only assume that I am safe for the time being.
  10. Try some Nioxin, I bought a treatment, shampoo and conditioner on-line. Mine has only started growing in the last week or two so yours should follow soon. I was given the all clear to drive last week which was a huge relief, are you driving yet?
  11. It does help a lot to have somewhere to go to ask questions and seek advice from others who have been through a similar experience, it has been a great help to me since I got home from the hospital. You are extremely lucky (as am I) to have come home with little more than a bald patch, and great that you have an understanding boss, just look after yourself though, and don't feel pressured to do as much as you did at work before this happened, take it a little slower if you can and ease back into it. I didn't need an EVD so I didn't go through the shaving experience (thank goodness
  12. Hi, My SAH was on New Years Eve and my coiling 3 Jan so just 3 days before yours. I am also fortunate to have come through it with no lasting damage, just headaches and fatigue which thankfully have now eased. I also have a matching bald patch at the back of my head which at first I wasn't too impressed with, but the hair is growing back, it's just fluff, but I consider it my war wound and a symbol of recovery. I can hide mine with longer hair on top, you could also grow yours longer on top to hide it a little but seriously, don't worry about it, the hair will grow
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story, and glad to hear that all turned out well for you.
  14. Hi Cat, I'm sure your passion will return, for the moment you have other things to contend with but you'll get there. At least you are doing a little of it, that's better than not be able to do any of it. Have you tried doing tapestry? There are some lovely ones to do out there. Spring is here, summer soon after, so plenty to look forward to in the coming months which will make us all feel a bit better. We had snow here last night, thankfully it had cleared by morning. I am delighted to report that I have had the all clear to drive and hastily went out to do
  15. Thanks Cat, I am looking forward to my appointment with the consultant as I know nothing at all about the aneurysm that burst, or the untreated ones. They have cleared me to go on holiday which is a relief and means that I am not in immediate danger, but just to understand more about my situation will be helpful. I'm not even considering that it might be bad news when I go. Today I have an appointment with a local Doctor to ask if I can drive. I am excited about that and it will make a huge difference to my mood if I am cleared to get back in the car as I feel so trappe
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