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  1. Just want to hear different peoples stories on how there short term memory was affected. How it was in the early days after a SAH and how there Short term memory got on over time? Thanks in advance
  2. On the 10th December my partner Dympna (30 years old) took the most server headache, started vomiting and had bother seeing as her vision started to go blurry. Luckily she was with a friend at the time who rang for an ambulance immediately. Dympna arrived in A+E and after a seeing a Dr they arranged for her to have a CT scan and when the Dr returned with the results my heart just sank!! Il never forget the Dr telling Dympna 'you have a bleed in the brain.' Dympna was then transferred to The Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast where she immediately had a drain put in to drain the blood from her head and to relieve the pressure. Then a day after she had a coiling procedure to stop the bleed in the brain. Everything went well. After 3 days in ICU Dympna was transferred to HDU as she was doing quite well, but then another couple of days past and a Dr came to us and told us that Dympna was in a critical condition and was being moved back into ICU, because she was having vasospasms. Fortunately she did very well and was only in ICU for 2 days and then was moved back to HDU where she stayed for another 2 weeks, then after that she went to a ward for another 2 weeks. she then was taken to Musgrave Park Hospital in Belfast where she stayed for 6 weeks. Dympna has now been home 2 weeks and is getting on good but her problems is with her short term memory which is very bad at the minute. But we are so greatful that Dympna is home and is giving herself the opportunity to get herself back as close to her old self as possible!
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. My partner who is 30 years old suffered a SAH and then took vasospasms for 3 weeks after she was in intensive care and then a further 6 weeks in Rehabilitation. at the minute she is doing fantastic with everything apart from her short term memory which can be very fustrating for her at times, I know everyone is different and no two brain injuries are the same, but just want to know that there is hope that she can improve her short term memory? I know that I will have to be patient and it will take a long time but that will be no problem.
  4. Hey this is my first time posting, my partner suffered a SAH on the 10th December 2016. Everything is fine apart from her short term memory which is really bad at the minute. I'm wondering if others who suffered a SAH could share with me their experiences on how they recovered and the time scale and everything else in between. Thanks in advance
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