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  1. palhuc

    Paul 99

    Paul 99 was very supportive during the time my husband was very ill. He is doing fine now but has a few issues that Paul mentioned might occur. I cannot seem to contact him. Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with Paul? It would be greatly appreciated? Thank you it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello again thank you for responses , they are most appreciated. Currently my husband is still under the care of an internist and the hospital specialists,. He has not left hospital as they have been treating him for a neuroscientist and a stage four bed wound for nine months. Speech therapy are the team that is currently trying to sort this problem out. This has been ongoing for over a month now , they are the same team that has been changing his diet and testing his swallow reflex for some time now. My frustration with all of this is because for what ever reason they are not getting to the root of the problem they feel it is psychological and maybe related to injury. The hard part to understand is my husband starting eating four months ago with little to no problems. He gained a considerable amount of weight and then suddenly began pocketing about a month ago. They removed his peg after they thought it was safe to do so. The peg had not been used for close to 5 weeks before removing. .this is all a mystery even the act of pocketing. There appears to be no problems with the swallow testing. I have been taking buckets of different foods to hospital with their permission to help stimulate his diet . He has pocketed with me too but yesterday he ate very very well, but at any given time he will stop and pocket. This is what is so hard to understand. But I can feel his frustration, he originally went to hospital with the aneurysm and the whole focus has been his bed wound. It has restricted his therapy and kept him from advancing in his progress. These are the professionals working with him. I am at my wits end and, after 10 months, I keep up the vigil back and forth hoping life will move on . He has done so well but still not walking which I believe may be the problem . He needs to move forward, we all do. He needs to get rehab for his legs. They appear to be raring to go and his core as well from lack of movement he needs to get to work. Thanks Macca and Skippy , if anyone can help with any information on subject it would appreciated. palhuc
  3. Hubby is still in hospital after 10 months , he has been there ever since the aneurysm. he was doing exceedingly well up until the pocketing started . Speech pathology sees no issues with swallowing he started eating 4 months ago with no problems in fact was brunt of jokes in hospital about how much he could eat. Now he has developed the pocketing almost every meal. It seems it started right after the peg was removed. That was taken out after 3 months of non use. His wound is a stage four bed wound from time in icu it is finally healing beautifully just saying without nutrition from food his wound healing may be compromised.
  4. After several months of eating during recovery from stage 4 ruptured aneurysm hubby has developed a habit called pocketing in his cheeks, he has been eating 4 months and gained 20 lbs and has done remarkably well In recovery. This pocketing is becoming a real problem.Any ideas any one his progress including healing a bed wound is really being compromised. He is very thin and cannot afford weight loss.
  5. Hello Xmartz You don,t know what an inspiration you are to me you have overcome so many obstacles and remain so positive. Good for you I don,t even know you and I am so proud to hear your story. My husband had a stage 4 bleed in October he has come through most problems but if you can believe remains in hospital for a stage 4 bed sore that the hospital can not seem to heal . It has been 10 months and he desperately needs to go to rehab, my husband is not walking but has plenty of leg activity ,.the hospital tells me he will not walk but don,t have anything but statistical data to say he will not walk. I think that because this wound has become such a problem they are telling us he will not walk because rehab will not take him until wounds as healed. We have been waiting to get him into a sub acute hospital that specializes in wound vac which they are using now on him they also have rehab but very few beds available My heart breaks for him because I see him working out in bed and really trying to get his mobility with no help but range of motion. Xmartz did you have any mobility problems how did you overcome, I am sorry if you have already posted this info but I just found your postings today and was so inspired. I will look for more of your postings. I am glad you are each day getting better. It gives me hope and I turn I can pass on to my husband. best of luck to you.
  6. Can anyone tell me why someone would not talk after they start eating. Seems everything is ok physically but don.t think hubby knows himself what problem is. Does eating require a lot of energy after a brain bleed or could the fact he is feeding himself be the problem I am concerned he will not get enough food in his body are they watching his caloric intake.anyone have any theories on this.thanks
  7. Thanks Mario so for all I know there may already be function in legs if they have not tried yet. My guess is that the bed sore is keeping him from progressing. Hubby seems very anxious to progress but can,t because of wound..it might be because of healing progress that causing concern..
  8. Does anyone know how and when leg function returns after subarracnoid aneurysm. Does the return of function happens on its own or is intervention required. Is movement required or do the rehab people just put on feet in harness and hope for best? Anyone know how this happens.
  9. Hi Paul Read your lovely Lins story and just wanted to let you know hubby coming back from same thing. How is Lin doing now? What was the first thing you remember about her recovery? My hubby is in hospital after 6 months but after nothing for 4 months, now he's flying. How long was it before Lynn could come home? My husband has done well but desperately trying to do everything himself. Today, after 3 days, insists on feeding himself. It was only Friday that he started eating. Poor guy has not had proper clothing on for 6 months, wants to do things so badly. I am taking his new shoes he bought just before so he can practice tying his shoes. He will be ready when he has to put them on. Was Lynn's aneurysm a 4, don't know how categorize them in UK. Talk again palhuc
  10. Hello Paul Such good advice I am actually taking a day today, looks like hubby will be transferred for some therapy to another facility but wound far from healed, hoping now on real food he will start to improve, told eating more than 100 per cent of his daily requirements. He needs some fat on body. He has a bit of a clawed hand that is improving and yesterday pulled arm and hand up to his face, his other hand becoming very fluid now. He seemed very sharp, had son and nephews there yesterday and they talked about cost of parking. He asked son how much parking was and was shocked, then wanted to know what our son was paying. He must be aware of money, he knows coins and denominations of money and he plays cards has not forgotten that either. Paul I commend you on your dedication that is a long time to visit. Is Lin your wife? Mind me asking how she is doing, is she cognitive, walking , eating? If not comfortable answering my questions please don't feel you need to answer and I apologise for asking. Just like to know how well people have recovered. I'm told hubby might still go to nursing home. I just do not know why when he is making such strides, he has not had therapy yet and his weak body has not been worked on yet. I just hope his wound does not impede his recovery but if he does not walk?? However his legs are moving, this will be the biggest thing for him to overcome and the one I am most afraid of. This seems to be the emotion I have experienced the most. Afraid even though I see my husband almost every day the thought of him not in our home with me is the hardest.one thing though. I see my husband is working so hard to get better and most of his improvement has been in last 6 weeks. Nice talking to you have a great day. palhuc
  11. hi Winb143 today after 6 months of going back and forth to hospital I think stress has finally made me crash. Funny how much the body can take ?I know how hubby has hung în there and fought but I myself have reached a point where I think stress has affected me I just can not get out of bed,.i have no energy today.and still things to do. How are you doing Win are you quite independent now do you have any long term effects that are effecting how you live today? Hope you don,t mind me asking? Did you reach a point in recovery where you learned things very quickly. My husband seems like a sponge he wants to do things so quickly even complaining about the parking yesterday and the cost. Did it take you a long time to finally start to eat again.? You must be doing well to be on this site, I am happy to talk to you. Palhuc
  12. I finding my hubby is not talking to me I thought he was receding a bit on his speech but noticed he is talking a lot to nurses and smiling to them very engaged. Maybe he is picking up a lot on emotions I am a bit down and he might notice that.My son says he is very engaged with him .son gave him a keepsake that he has said bonded them hubby very proud of. I notice he has stopped talkin to me before.Iam feeling so overwhelmed that maybe he is picking up on this.my life has been on hold now nearly 6 months and becoming very down.i go to hospital every other day and I am quite exhausted, I feel I need to cut back a bit.. Does anyone have any thoughts on visiting .when recovering can visiting too often be exhausting for someone recovering.
  13. I know this is difficult question but what are the chances of walking after surviving a stage 4 subarracnoid bleed. Has any members of this forum done so I would like to know if you don,t mind. My husband though moving left foot is not moving his right yet.but very slight movement.on right.his right hand bit clawed but coming around he is working himself and shows me he can just about touch his nose with hand.. His left he is getting quite fluid with movement..everyday the movement in hand is getting more and more deliberate. He also is forcing use himself of his weaker hand by passing items back and forth.we gave him a Rubik's cube which he holds with poor hand and turns with good one. His upper body is definitely coming back. It is now 6 months in hospital had such poor start but now doing something everyday. He is so determined that he is even eating at 110 percent just started 3 days ago and already peg is not been used for 3 days now. Does anyone know what I can do to help him with his upper body strength. I am hoping he is getting help with that.i think hospital is so impressed with his progress they are doing things for him I am even not aware of.
  14. HI winb143 Thanks for support on Friday hubby passed swallow test and within 15 minutes he had a tray with soup turkey sandwich pudding and cookies. He also was able to drink something which I will bet it was heaven, he was so happy to have a meal he finished all of it. I am told he ate very cautiously and he ate all of it. They took bag off the peg I was told they will reconnect with bolus feed , but instead today I understand they will just connect at night.he is doing great like someone who never was away from food. I took him chocolate milk today one of his favs he really enjoyed it. So I guess he basically has now reached another milestone. It will probably awhile though not sure how long the peg will stay in. I quess that's will depend on how the weight gain goes I really don,t know about any of this feeding aspect. Winb 143 Do you know about removal of pegs. I am hoping eating food will help him with the healing process.. His legs are next and that will be biggest challenge and to get bed wound and body strong. Today he did something he grabbed a glass of milk from me and spilled on himself he was really irritated at me.how do I know when to help and when to leave. Another thing I noticed was he has a weak side of body on right and has a bit of a clawed hand, it is finally opening because he is working it and today he lifted hand almost to his nose first time. Well thanks for listening.
  15. Just out of curiosity what takes the longest to recover from after aneurysm is it walking talking eating Etc or does that entirely depend on the person/bleed/other. Just would like to know from other folks who have been in this situation what there opinion might be.my husband has overcome a lot of problems but have now come to toughest and that is walking and healing a bed wound., This might sound like a silly question but I really would like to know what to most aneurysm survivors is the most challenging part of a persons recuperation. "Memory "would like to know what kind ofexpectations to have.
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