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  1. We came here 4 years back when we were looking for resources in SAH. My husband has just finished a round of scan and they all appear okay... This site has always been a great source of comfort and love... good luck everyone
  2. Please accept our condolences. I used to read her posts for my dose of positivity! Prayers Shobs
  3. Hello Tori - very good to hear about the progress your mum is making! You are doing very well, Well done to you. The memory will slip in an out and there will be lot of relevant & irrelevant things said. - my husband had a dream of being in france and in a very technologically advanced place. LOL It took my husband a good 10 days to be reasonably stabilised with the memory and speak cogently. Re: the eye vision - with the hemorrhage that my husband had, few the blood vessels behind the eye also had burst and had aberration there too. Your mum will hopefully be r
  4. Thanks ever so much everyone!!! We are back home too. 2 days Sandeep was in the Critical Care Unit. the First day was very drowsy and the doctor was happy with the procedure - he gave me sometime and asked me ' do you want to ask anything' i was just mumbling and asked did it go okay!!! I had a million things lined and all i could manage was is he okay? Sandeep's memory was fine, but was drowsy, he was quick chatty that day. Towards the end of the day, there was a lot of throwing up with anesthesia wearing off - they tried to give the medicine orally. Wednesday was
  5. Lovely people - good news, sandeep's aneurysm is coiled now. I am yet to speak with the consultant to get all the details,but there has been no stent needed, only the coils. Sandeep is being closely moNitoed in CCU for the fluctuating BP. Pardon the typos, at the Hosp and from my and mobile, and possibly tears filling up too Love Shobs xx
  6. Hello Jen, Welcome to BTG. Tiredness is one of the common side-effects that I see, rest and relax whilst you can. My hubby suffered a SAH one year back. Re: the noises in the ear, have you had a chance to speak with your GP yet, he will be able to refer you to the ENT specialist, that will be able to help. Re: relaxing, run a bath whenever possible - it helps to relax and generally let go too
  7. It was our first anniversary on Oct 9th. I made a big batch of brownies for those that i could share with. I pinged a message of thanks to all those came rushing to help us and to all those doctors and nurses that helped us through and through and are still doing it now. We told a prayer to all those that are going through it at the moment and wide variety of other problems. A massive hug to everyone here as you all form my community - someone that understand exactly what we are going through and more, even before I could share. In Sanskrit, we say - Loka sa
  8. Thank you very lovely ladies I spoke with the nurse at the radiology clinic and she mentioned she got all reports about the renal function. The renal consultant has signed off the mild aspirin intake for 6 months following this procedure. The nurse told we are all set to come in and just fingers crossed that we will get a bed in the ITU on the day of the procedure, so that he can be closely monitored there for a few days. We are staying positive! :o) Love, Shobs xxxxxx
  9. Thanks Winb & Daffodil - thanks ever so much. I am keeping chin up, but there are small dips fair few times. It will all finish on a happy note hopefully, in 2 weeks time. I will keep you all posted on the progress as and when i know love Shobs xxx
  10. Thanks so much Clare, we went for the pre-assessment on wednesday and we have been given Oct17th as the procedure date. We need to go in a day early as a preparation. The doctor just told us about the low-dose aspirin that needs to be taken for 6 months and told us that he will consult with the nephrologist, if this is still okay. hoping and praying that this is all going to go well. thanks for all the positive vibes. hugs Shobana xxxxx
  11. Hello all lovely people again! Apologies for having gone away for few months now! It was the kids holidays that kept us rather on the trampoline We got an appointment with the neuro radiologist ( after 2 cancellations) and they have started looking into the options the remainder of the partially occluded aneurysm. Coiling/Coiling with stent/Clipping eventually. We are getting the pre-assessment done and the team have mentioned that they will get us a date in October. The doctor told us that the coiling and stent will need 6 months of aspirin and the renal doc
  12. Hello lovely people, I have an update to post here(but a good one!) Sandeep had to have a flexible sigmodoiscopy done last week and they found a polyp - non malignant(yay!) they removed and clipped it strightaway :o) It has been such a relief for us, as the doctors found it last year when Sandeep had the first heamorhagic stroke. We were nervous - but very thankful that it was not as bad as I had hoped. On the post-angio note, I am still chasing the neurosurgery team for a follow-up appmt. I will keep posted here too. Hugs Shobs xxx
  13. Hello Nat, welcome to this comforting place. (my husband had his first SAH, followed by a fair few mishaps back-to-back in Oct 2016) Like all of these lovely people have said, it is normal to have this fear. Baby steps at a time helps. Both my husband and I took up Yoga in April and it has been very useful. (please PM me if you need more details) Set aside a time in the day, when you will ONLY worry. If the fear crosses the mind, check the time and say that one is for my worry time. It has helped me a lot, personally. Stay close to people that wish you well and give you l
  14. Thanks Sami - it is very good to know. Many account made me look back and look ahead, at the road we are on right now, with more appreciation than with fear. Love Shobs xxx
  15. I am recent reader of this book and it is fantastic; it has been aligned so well and my husband(had SAH in OCt '16) relate to what has happened to us and appreciate how far we have come! Fully recommend it! Shobs xx
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