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  1. I’m a year past my NA SAH. I sympathize with you more than you know. I have been complaining of these exact same problems since shortly after my event. The doctors don’t really have any insight and sometimes don’t even admit my complaints are valid. I need to have neuro psych testing but other than that I feel alone. One of the doctors did an eeg which showed up abnormal the first time and now they are trying to label me with a seizure disorder and I know I’m not having seizures.... all so frustrating. My advice...... give yourself tons of time to heal mentally and physically and s
  2. Hi everyone - I had a perimesencephalic sah May 2017. I was told I would be fine and to get back to my life...... I have been able to return to work and driving etc etc, however, everyday is a struggle. My biggest issues seems to be related to my thinking process but I don’t hear many people talking about having that as a residual symptom of their bleed. This in turn makes me quite nervous because I worry it’s something worse - like maybe they missed an aneurysm, or maybe I’ve had a stroke since my sah that was undetected because I’ve had no follow up. so my questi
  3. Had my PM- NASAH last May. I feel cognitively worse than I did right after my bleed. Or maybe it’s just that I’m noticing a new normal. anyone else with this type of bleed have frequent feeling of confusion - trouble with recall, feeling like your mind goes blank? Seems my thought process has been affected. Worried it is mini strokes but doctor tells me it’s not.
  4. I can absolutely relate to dizziness. I am 8 months out and I have issues with this frequently. I describe it as feeling heavy headed - almost like I am a human bobble head. It’s uncomfortbale and scares me honestly. Sometimes I blame coffee, or a cold -but always in the back of my mind I’m worrying they missed something. Then I start analyzing everything little part of my face and my thoughts - this I believe is anxiety. But the dizziness I believe is recovery. Hope you are well xo
  5. Hi Stephen. I had my sah May 2017. I am still not feeling right, but I’m also told not to worry by my doctors. That is the most challenging part. As far as fatigue, I am having major issues still 8 months out. I find I tire very easily and I do not like loud noises either. I saw a movie in the theatre a few days ago and was very bothered by all the images and noise. I hope you get a lot of rest and be kind to yourself. Like all the others have said you are in the very early days and things will get better. Take care.
  6. Thanks Clare. This is definitely a journey - one I feel stuck on unwillingly but determined to not let it get the best of me. I honestly don’t know what I would do without support from fellow survivors. These “out of body” feelings I have been getting lately sounded a lot like the “weirdness” described above. It’s nice to know maybe it’s not something scary - like a stroke I had a neurologist explain to me recently that an ischemic stroke is in a completely different circulatory system from a SAH - this was helpful to know since every time I get a headache, or feel confused or dizz
  7. I know this is an old post but I am searching the site for clarity and relief (and hope) this is exactly how I keep feeling. I am 7 months post bleed. I feel like I am very heavy headed, or that I have just gotten off a boat, or that I am having an out of body experience. It makes me quite nervous. sometimes its hard to walk normally (if that makes sense) and I wonder if it's all in my head. well, I guess it is (literally)... hopefully you still don't feel this way and things have improved for you.
  8. Hi Krislwal. I am by no means an expert on this but my understanding was that a non-aneurysmal SAH (nasah) could be divided into two categories based on the location of the bleed - an aneurysmal hemorrhage pattern and a perimesencephalic hemorrhage pattern. I wonder if someone who knows more about this than me could clarify? it's been quite confusing. The neurosurgeon who cared for me in the hospital told me my bleed (the perimesencephalic pattern) could not possibly be an aneurysm based on the location. I thought this was the reason they didn't do any follow up scans on me. I onl
  9. Thanks everyone - these are all very helpful comments. Did you all have non-aneurysmal sah's? The trouble I am having is that the neurosurgeon who followed my through my hospitalization released me with no follow up - no restrictions - and told me to go back to my normal activities. So it is concerning me that I am still feeling so bad. I didn't expect to notice cognitive issues - and I don't remember having them after the event. So that makes me wonder if this is something new. Sometimes I just feel jumbled - very hard to explain. If I had felt this way from the very b
  10. I had a NASAH 7 months ago. I am finding that my thinking seems impaired at times. My thoughts seem "scrambled" and I worry that I won't be able to talk or I will slur my words if I try - even though i don't. Sometimes it feels like my brain is working too fast, and other times too slow. It seems like it could be a stress reaction from so much worry, but I was wondering if anyone else experiences cognitive issues like this.
  11. Hi everyone. My lower back and leg pains have subsided. I still have daily headaches - but even more bothersome is that I occasionally feel drunk when I walk - or like I'm on a boat that is rocking. I also find that I am clumsy - spilling my coffee - or banging into things. I also feel confused at times - like my mind almost goes blank. Is this normal? My primary doctor didn't have much to say but I do get to follow up with the neurologist later this week. I'm living in almost constant fear that I'm going to have a stroke. I'm going to post a separate thread about symptoms Iwas hav
  12. Thank you for all the responses and support. My pain has improved over the last couple of days - and now it feels like new symptoms have popped up. I am having a lot of trouble sleeping - I fall asleep and wake up an hour or two later feeling like it's morning already. I am also having terrible night sweats. Now that I am able to get up and move around more with less pain, I am finding it feels like I am drunk - and I know it's not the pain pills because I've only had Tylenol last two days. I also feel deaf in my right ear. I know it's only been a short time but I am so scared and worried i wi
  13. Thank you. I appreciate all the advice. Did you ever experience low grade fevers? I had no fevers in the hospital but am getting them on and off now. I guess the fact that I had a 99.9 temperature when I returned to the ER and the doctors didn't seemed concerned is good - it's just that everything is making me nervous. I don't know what's normal and what's not.
  14. Hello. I had my hemorrhage on May 24 - 12 days ago. I spent 8 days in the icu and have been home for 4. I am struggling with my pain control - needing to take fioricet every 4 hours and oxycodone every 6. The neuro doctors told me the pain may spread down my neck and spine which it has. My neck is so stiff I can't bend it forward and my spine aches and spasms. What they didn't mention is if thisbpain can also go down to your "butt" and hips and upper thighs - which mine has. I had this when I left the hospital but thought it was from laying in bed for so many days. It seems to have gotten wors
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