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  1. Thanks Winb143... I deal directly with my neurologist so I'm calling him on Monday.
  2. I'll let you know what he says. A woman on another site says it's normal for my age (43). She has it, her husband has it, etc, etc. I tend to overthink things so my mind went straight to bad stuff that's why I was asking if anyone could identify. Thanks!!
  3. I'm 15 months post NASAH and had an MRI done for vertigo that lasted 2 weeks and is gone now. My doctor called me and said it was totally and completely normal so I was relieved. Since I can access the report I read it online and everything looked normal for me except it says this.... " within the periventricular and subcortical white matter there are bilateral foci that are abnormal T2 signal intensity. In a patient of this age that is most consistent with small vessel ischemic changes." How can it be normal if it says this? I've had so many tests and everything has been negati
  4. Hi.... no they didn't. I had a ton of questions for him as he is someone new. The doctor that was with me last year has moved unfortunately. I've been dealing with 2 weeks of unexplained vertigo that has been debilitating, thankfully it is subsiding. I had to get CT scanned and now have an MRI so it just puts so many questions in my head. He sort of laughed it off saying that I had very extensive testing done to make sure that everything was ok. That there is no reason for a vascular surgeon. I don't get it all though honestly. I've never had headaches, vertigo or anything o
  5. I try everything! I'm more for alternative methods because I don't do well with meds so acupuncture has helped me a lot with anxiety and headaches. I also got to a therapist as soon as I was able to get out and have been going every week pretty much since (15 months out). I YouTube meditation stuff and do a bunch of mind/body mantras and stuff like that. I also use essential oils and whatever else alternatively that I feel helps or makes me feel better. If I need meds or I'm worried about something then I consult my doctor as well. You have to find a balance/method that works
  6. I had a NASAH May 2017 and I still get headaches. I never had anything weird prior to my bleed. I didn't have any warning, no headaches that were of concern, never a migraine, nothing. Post bleed I get them all and when they come on they are quick and relentless. I now get migraines, clusters, tension, sharp pains etc. my bleed was a vein that burst while I was running and it resolved itself so I had no surgery and thankfully no complications after. I've managed them a lot through acupuncture and doing what everyone else on here says, w
  7. I'm going to my neuro tomorrow so I'm going to ask about it. Thanks
  8. Ok thanks. Just wasn't sure since people so many people had mentioned it.
  9. Thank you! I've been to an array of doctors and no one has ever suggested it but yet people in general have mentioned it and so I wondered since I don't have a reason why it happened do I need to see a vascular doctor.
  10. Hi... I'm just wondering if anyone who suffered a NASAH was followed up by a Vascular Surgeon?
  11. Gillian99... It always makes me feel better when someone can relate. I've been forcing myself to wear my contacts more. I try everyday for vanitys sake. I don't like wearing glasses and I'm too afraid to get LASIK eye surgery. I'm just going to keep trying and hoping that my eyes adjust again. Good luck to you!
  12. I had my eyes checked after I recovered because they bothered me. I went into the hospital wearing contacts for over 20 years beforehand and left not being able to tolerate them at all. My eyes checked out completely fine and my prescription didn't change at all but I still cannot wear contacts for any length of time almost a year out. My brain just can't deal with them in my eyes and if I try to be cute and wear them, my eyes feel strained. It's so weird!
  13. I always feel like a freight train or an airplane is running through my head. It doesn't effect my head but I hear it almost every night. Not quite sure what it is or why it happens and I've never asked. I do not get pressure at all from it. Sometimes it makes me a little crazy but otherwise I feel like it may be just anxiety. Hope this helps.
  14. My GP said my NASAH was genetics while my neuro says fluke. Both agree that there's a small percentage of reoccurrence. My Rheumatologist said it's not related to my Rhumatoid Arthritis and my Hemotologist says he sees brain bleeds all the time. In fact my neurologist said the same thing. My acupuncturist says it's from the long time meds that I was on in the past for my RA and anxiety and my new doctor, my naturopath says it's from all the above, meds, autoimmune disease, exposure to radiation, etc. so really who do you believe?!
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