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  1. Thanks Sarah hope all is well with you thanks again
  2. Hi all have learned a lot more about my aneurysm it is 5.6 mm. It is in the speech part of my brain. Still waiting to see the neurosurgeon, still have a few months to wait. Just wandering if anyone has had an op on one this size . I have also been having some, i wouldn't say dizzy, but wobbly moments which come on with a stiff neck pain in the back left of my head. I also have hazzy vision in my left eye and jaw pain. Have seen a neurologist and going for an MRI next week. I also have a tear in the main artery in the back left hand side of my neck, which they think are causing all the problems not the aneurysm. Has anyone else had problems like this with just an aneurysm, would be grateful to hear of anyone. Thanks all CHRIS
  3. Hi all, was diagnosed with a 6mm aneurysm and a tear in the main artery in the back of my neck. Was seen by a neurologist, I told him about my mothers bursting and he sent an email to the neurosurgeon saying it was an emergency. Didn't hear anything back for six weeks. Now phoned them a few times get to the secretary and she says someone will phone me back but still no phone call. Was just wondering if this is a small aneurysm and they are not really worried about it. Any advice would be appreciated.
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