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  1. Hi All i hope that you still maybe interested in my updates so here it goes... Mum is now walking down the corridor with a zimmer in her physio sessions and doing really well with it!! She is also transferring to the loo and bed with a spinner thing so she stands etc...very impressed!! The week before all this , the ward consultant told me that she doubted very much that my Mum would walk again... now she is getting more aware, she is getting very irritated and restless. She says she is stupid and cant understand why she can’t do the things she used to. She gets
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. We are 4 months in now but it's not been plain sailing and has had lots of set backs. Ventriculitis and colitis have set her rehab back so it's more like 3 months really....so all in all not a long time at all. I think she is doing really well-I think the therapists want more but she has had a grade 5 rupture and in my eyes is a miricle! They think she has right hand neglect-she struggles with focus on that side...she goes to reach something with her right hand and misses it etc. Again something that the OTs are working on. I am just constantl
  3. Hi there i just thought I would give you an update and I would like some advice if possible? Mum is just into her 4th week in rehab now. She sits out most days and participates in music group (singing etc). She is on a solids diet and feeds herself with her left hand. I think she is making excellent progress!! The occupatinal therapists are very challenged with her though as she has multipul cognitive disfunctions. She is still very in unaware of time, location and self...if you asked her what she has done that day she either says "I can't remember" or that she has
  4. Hi all Mum went to rehab last Friday. She still has a very upset stomach so it's holding them back a bit but they are assessing her at the minute. She is in The Haywood In Stoke? She he is continuing to make more sense each time I see her but still forgets a lot. She put her own glasses on when I was there the other day. I'm hoping that there will be lots of improvements now x
  5. Hi All i just thought that I would update. It is now 3 months since my Mum's grade 5 bleed. She is still sat in the neuro ward waiting for a bed to become available in the rehab ward next door. It is now 3+ weeks since she was referred. She needs therapy now as she is at the stage where she needs to be pushed. She is having a peg this week so her feeding tube from her nose can be removed. She is eating puréed food orally but not enough for her to not have a peg. She also says that the puréed meals are disgusting. I don't blame her for not wanting to eat them to be hon
  6. Question-did any of you suffer with sight problems when first recovering from a grade 4/5 bleed? Did it improve? I think this is quite apparent with my Mum at the minute but she is doing so well other wise! I can't wait for rehab now!
  7. Thanks All She is speaking a lot now but still isn't making that much sense. I think she thinks she is in various different scenarios and she willl suddenly say things like "we have a lot of booze to finish off" and says things about old relatives that are not alive anymore?? I'm not entirely sure how good her vision is-sometimes she makes eye contact with you and then all of a sudden she is trying to look all around the room for things-you can wave your half around in front of her eyes and she doesn't react or follow you. She was also trying to drink out a win
  8. Hi All so it has now been 2 months since my Mum's rupture. She has been out of ICU for 3 weeks now and is just waiting for a bed on a rehab ward. She is being spoon fed food-she only had her trachy out last Monday!! And she is now talking. She isnt making much sense at the minute but can kind of put small sentences together. I'm sure that once she goes to rehab they will get her talking, walking and remembering again. She had the shunt done on Wednesday and seems to have made huge improvements since then-she is awake more and the conceiousness is not fluctuating as much.
  9. Thank you so much for your kind words. She is now on a ward-she has been there for 3 days now and already looks better. It's so light and airy there and she shares the room with 3 other ladies so a lot more "normal". She has been responding more and staying awake for longer spells. When she was awake I did show her a picture of my dog (who she adores) and she recognised him and mouthed his name-it brought a tear to my eye!! She also said "no" and "yes" to the neuros this morning so they now know that I am not lying to them when I say she responds. She is in such an amazing hos
  10. Good news is is that she is going to a neuro ward now!! As soon as there is a bed for her ??. She has responded to the neuros the last too days-when they say her name she opens her eyes. She has been in the chair for 2.5 hours today and has been out in it each day since Friday. When she is awake she nods and shakes her head when you ask her questions...she also mouths yes and no and looks like she is teittering one but I cannot lip read. She has also been breathing completely for her self for the past 2 days. They will therefore but a speech valve on her trachy in
  11. Hi all my Mum is now nodding and opening her eyes to response. She mouths "yes" and "no" and mouths things that I don't know what she is saying. She is also reacting more to pain. She isn't doing all the mentioned improvements all the time, bit she is more often each day. The physios have hoisted her into a chair a couple of times and we got to take her outside. When they did some exercises with her, she held her own head up-it was amazing to see!! She has been on the trachy mask for 16 hours yesterday so could be ventilator free thi
  12. Hi all thank you again for your kind words. We have made a bit of progress over the last couple of days. She has only been doing trachy mask trials for the past 2 days and ended up doing 7 hours on it today. She was also showing sleep/wake cycles...when you caught her in her awake state she would open her eyes and mouth words-she even cried today. But then she drifts off into unconciousness again... she also nods and says "yes". The physios have had her sat at the end of the bed-fully supported obviously but it's a start. The neuros
  13. Thank you both so much for your replies. I have put music onto an I pod for her with some of her favourite artists, so she is listening to that. I go in the morning and my brother goes in the evening... Today she has had lifted and moved her left arm a few times-this is the first time I have seen this since she got Ventriculitis. And she has moved her head from side to side and reacted when I said "Mum, open your eyes". She was really trying and frowning a lot. I am hoping we are getting back to what we had before the infection and then can build on this. She is
  14. Hi all i am new to the group. My name is Tori and my Mum, Pat, has been in ICU 5 weeks today. 5 weeks ago my Mum collapsed with the worst headache, her voice went slurry and she quickly lost consciousness. She was rushed into her local hospital where she had a CT scan, which confirmed a huge bleed in her brain. She was then blue lighted to a fantastic neuro team 30 mins up the road, where she was straight into brain surgery. This surgery was to insert a drain (EVD) into her brain to relieve a huge amount of pressure and blood. The neuros said tha
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