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  1. Ruth, Sorry for my delayed response. For some reason, I don't always get notified with people's posts. I couldn't agree with your third paragraph more. I do get overwhelmed more easily, struggle with some short term memory.. but then also wonder if that's just getting older, haha. I also find it sort of hard to explain the differences/struggles in general. I would be frustrated with the zero follow up! That's ridiculous. However, if they have definitely diagnosed perimesencephalic, recurrence is definitely rare. So I guess that is reassuring. However, I have fou
  2. Hello, I had a NASAH a little over two years ago. I had an EVD put in for about 3-4 weeks. I also suffered bilateral ischemic strokes two weeks post bleed due to vasospasm. My original bleed happened 2 days postpartum. I have seen several specialists- some say perimesencenphalic, some say postpartum RCVS. Neither fit due to size/location of my hemorrhage. They say pattern/size/location look aneurysmal- but I’ve had 5/6 angiograms and no sign of anything. They said my bleed looked like a “massive aneurysm” ... but nothing. Like you, I have recovered quite well. I am back at work fu
  3. I just want to thank everyone for responding to my message. For whatever reason, I never received notification of your thoughtful responses, and I am just reading them now. I even tried logging in and finding responses, but never saw them. Just recently (as I am still thinking about my case) I found them on accident while trying to research pregnancy and SAH to see if there had been any new information. I feel terrible for just now responding. To provide an update since last year: I had the additional angiogram at U of M, which came back negative for aneurysm, dural fistula, and a
  4. Hello, I have posted here before, when it was pretty soon after my SAH. It has been a little over a year since my SAH. I have had a remarkable recovery, went back to work full time, and I'm starting to wean off of verapamil. My only lingering issues are overstimulation/hard to focus, and I have a hard time understanding people if they are soft spoken, speak really fast, or have accents. I'm extremely grateful for this, but a part of me is also extremely frustrated, because we are having a hard time figuring out my case still. I had a baby, and two days later (literally with
  5. Beth, The school year has been going better than I anticipated. I expected to not be able to continue working, and I have been doing pretty good. Today was an off day, but I have been having more good days than bad. My neuro team said mostly the same thing- but they didn't say anything about peppermint oil- that's interesting. They also didn't mention anything about the deep massage. I'm really glad that you're feeling better- I know it's hard to focus on the good at times. I've been having a really hard time accepting the "no more children" aspect of this
  6. Beth, Thank you so much for responding. It is encouraging to know there is another person out there. It's crazy how similar our stories are. I am am going to attempt to go back to work this school year, but I'm honestly not sure how it's going to go. Most days I'm fine- but others I experience headaches and nausea. I am honestly just curious as to what your neuro team shared with you (if you don't mind me asking)- Since our cases are so similar and there seems to be so little research. My neurologist suggested that I should not have more children - that it coul
  7. Thank you so much for your supportive message. I didn't realize that I didn't put the date. My SAH was March 13 of this year. In April I went to a rehab hospital, and after received home therapy- speech, OT, and PT. Now I'm in outpatient therapy. This has definitely helped me a lot. Being on bed rest for 5 weeks makes you extremely weak! We did have a lot of family/friend support. My mother in law basically took care of my son for the first six weeks, as my husband barely left the hospital. His work was amazing and let him use all of his PTO and then some.
  8. Hello, my name is Lori. I am 29 years old. I had my SAH two days after my first son was born. I walked in the door with my husband and brand new son, started making something to eat, and I got the thunderclap headache and began to vomit. We went back to the hospital, and a CT scan showed a large amount of blood on my brain. The next morning they put in an EVD. 10 days later I had an ischemic stroke. I spent a total of 30 days in ICU, and 5 days in a rehab hospital. I'm doing very well now, aside from fatigue and slight headaches accompanied with nausea. I have had 4 ang
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