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  1. Hi everyone I had a NASAH in November 2016 - recently I have been getting a loud whooshing sound in my ear - had it again really bad earlier and really scared me as seemed to take over my head. I do suffer from tinnitus now and then too since my NASAH not sure if all this is connected to my NASAH or just me being anxious - will make an appointment at the doctors - no appointments available for at least a week! Thank you x
  2. Hello everyone I had my perimesencephalic SAH in November 2016. Sudden headache, stiff neck, vomiting (all within 10mins). Husband took me straight to A&E on that Thursday but do not remember anything after until the Saturday/Sunday (was awake (sort of) and talking rubbish but do not remember anything). Was in intensive care and HDU for 8 nights. Have had two angiograms, Cts, and MRI (of head, neck and spine). Nothing found for the cause of the bleed. One of the Doctors said that he had more chance of having another bleed than me as I have ha
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