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  1. Thank you Tina. I do know that I've had a different experience that a lot of the people that come to this much needed website for support... An awesome website I might add. It was truly the only place I found in the Internet. I had very little information to go on and, as you know, a lot of specialists answer is always "we don't know" when asked recovery questions by patients. Trust you are doing well also. Take care, Sue
  2. January 5, 2012. I was recovering from cancer surgery when my NASAH hit. I was resting in bed one morning with a cup of tea when I thought I might venture out to the kitchen for another cup. When I walked into the kitchen I remember feeling a sensation on the right side of my neck and head accompanied by a moderate amount of pain. I thought perhaps I had slept funny and had a crick in my neck, but the pain was worsening by the minute.I attempted to pour the tea to take some pain medication and noticed I was shaking. I went to find my husband, who was packing and storing away the Ch
  3. As a regular participant in fitness activities, I was given the ok to do anything except lift heavy weights for the first year. Mind you, my eyesight recovered within seven weeks and I didn't suffer visual field loss like you. Sue Edited - we cannot recommend fitness regimes
  4. Your two year anni coming up too. Hope you're feeling well these days! Nice hearing from you...
  5. As a witness to my mom's loss of vision through damage to her optic nerve during her craniotomy, December 2012, for her menigioma tumor in her brain stem, I was saddened to find out that there would be little hope of recovery. If the visual field did not spontaneously recover within the first days after surgery, there was a very slim chance of improvement after that, so we were told.... My mom wore an eye patch (mainly for her double vision) for the first several weeks while in the neuro rehab, then continued until her first eye checkup at the opthramologist's clinic. He examined m
  6. Susan, Maybe God only heaps our plates so high, such that we can cope. Perhaps I was spared some of the after-SAH symptoms many of you suffer because I had the other beast to fight (cancer)? I'll never know, but I hope you're feeling better soon - sounds like you're progressing well. Take care... Sue
  7. Slow and steady wins the race Iola - go easy on yourself and always stay in the positive. Thanks for the good wishes! Sue
  8. Win, I think you've got something there with the laughter and singing cure - I like it
  9. Thanks Mary. One more hurdle for me as my six month cancer check up on the 23rd. That's a tough one, but I like to think I'm finished with that too. My onco said I was cured, so I will believe that, but the scans are still a little nerve wrecking. Sue
  10. Thanks SarahLou - I'm glad I give others strength and positivity. Hugs back at ya!
  11. I read this somewhere recently: "To worry is like praying for exactly what you don't want!" I know it's hard not to though. My bleed source was never found, but I'm positive it won't happen again. Take care, Sue
  12. Forgot to mention, my mom is one year out from her craniotomy for her brain tumor. Almost complete recovery with a small amount of permanent damage to her visual field, but she recovered enough vision to get her drivers license back last June. Mom is doing great! It was a tough couple of years, but we're tough gals!!
  13. January 5, 2012-January 5, 2014 Its hard to believe that 2 years has passed since my NASAH. I'm doing well. I was one of the few people that made a quick and complete recovery. A significant bleed in my right parietal lobe did not require more than a 3 week hospital stay, as the bleed was under control; anti-seizure and pain meds did their job. A couple of months of physio, mainly sensory and fine motor skill issues, to get back to daily routines. Back to work and all activities within six months. No problems with headaches or fatigue and I am not on any medication. A slight change to my
  14. Yes, sounds like you are lucky. I was lucky too and dodged the bullet. I'm not sure if there are lots like me as I know they likely don't stick around to post, but get back out to a regular routine of life and work, tend their families etc. I know the gals I met and keep in touch with offline still suffer symptoms. I'm 14 months out. I am in the category with no side effects, albeit a small change to my hearing, which does not affect my quality of life. I was told recently that it's likely nerve damage. No biggie. Your post caught my attention as I did resume flying small aircraft thre
  15. With regard to the discussions on why fit people tend to get these bleeds... Myself, I had my NASAH two weeks after a good bang to the head during a skiing wipeout. Would my brain have bled without this small injury? We will never know. The hit wasn't all that big of a deal and I was wearing a helmet. It was more of a slight whiplash. The neurologist said the ski accident had nothing to do with my bleed, nor did my cancer surgery the following day. It just is... As to my recovery, although my damage was to the sensory area of my brain (R parietal lobe), most symptoms resolved by the 7th
  16. You should contact our member "Teechur". She's very active and has a fitness training business. You can compare notes. Hope you're on your way to feeling better soon. Sue
  17. Felt compelled to answer to this. I'm an avid exerciser. I went from pushing a walker 3 weeks out from my SAH upon release from hospital January 2012 to riding my bike at 7 weeks. I also started driving again as vision had returned. Started golfing at 8 weeks. Took some introductory flight lessons at 3 months, returned to my gym at 5 months with only the restriction of no heavy weights for one year. Retuned to both hiking and running by July. Curling started September 2012 2-4 x per week. Seasons ski pass December 2012 and I try to go once per week. I also returned to work June 1st. Full time
  18. How's that for a word? It was one year ago today (January 5, 2012) that my brain popped and sprung a leak. It's been quite an eventful year. Although all of my symptoms resolved in 7 weeks, I worked diligently to recover my strength in order to face my imminent cancer treatment. I was done treatment by May 9th and returned to work and the balance of my activities by June 1st. I faced a further challenge of my mom being diagnosed with a 4cm posterior fossa meningioma for which she underwent surgery on December 13th - The outcome was excellent, albeit a large hit to her left eye visual fiel
  19. Hi Steve. I have been cautioned against the use of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. It has a bleed risk factor. In a case like mine where the source of the bleed was never found, I wouldn't take the chance. What about Tylenol? Sue
  20. I'm "that" person Sandi is referring to. I'm 10 months out with zero after effects. At the time of the event back in January, I would never have guessed how it would have played out. I believe my bleed happened to allow me coping skills for my cancer. I was undergoing treatment for two primary cancers at the time, just 10 days out from surgery number two, which involved lymph nodes. My sensory area of my brain was compromised initially, so I was left with visual issues, mapping, depth perception, sense of touch, balance and hearing problems, not to mention the disabling headaches. I rega
  21. Hi Bev I drop in from time to time, but don't post often - mainly when I want to give a new member a positive spin. I suffered a non aneurism SAH on January 5, 2012 and made a full, complete recovery within three months. Most of my symptoms resolved between the sixth and eighth week. My bleed was large and affected my right parietal lobe area, mainly sensory issues such as sight, hearing, spatial,awareness, visual mapping, sense of touch, fine motor skills, but no neurological issues. Migraine-like head pain for five weeks straight, then it got better. I returned to driving and most acti
  22. Hi cfw I am a newer member here - I don't post often, but stop in to check posts from time to time and reply to PM's. Although these boards have served their purpose well during my recovery, I can't justify staying simply because I've absolutely no side effects from the NA-SAH I experienced in January of this year. My main purpose in replying is to offer a story with a positive outcome. So to summarize, I was 52 at the time and was undergoing treatment for breast cancer at the time of my SAH. Ten days out of my second surgery when it hit. I felt, not only the pain from the bleed, but f
  23. Hi David Sorry to hear you're out of sorts. I found Healing Touch to be extremely helpful in soothing the inner soul and quieting my mind. I did find my physical body responded positively as well. When looking at what I've been through in the past 11 months, there has to be some explanation of why I have bounced back from both my SAH and the cancer. I am not comfortable with drugs as the only option for an ailment. I research diet and supplement also. I hope you do research options outside the box and try to stay positive. Take care, Sue
  24. Thank you Win... Can you sing me a song? I know you have one... Sue X
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