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  1. Right another one for you knowledgable people. Just hit my 6 month anniversary (25th Jan) of my SAH. Yesterday I had a letter saying I am no longer being paid my ESA. Devastated as I have no form of benefits or income. I have had to give up my job as I was a self employed dog walker and I am no where near in any fit state to take on this role again. I am also concerned that if I go for a job, that I cannot be reliable as there are some days I can't get out of my PJ's. I've been told I am not ill enough for PIP even though they do pay me £22 every 4 weeks as I am not able to drive yet. How is everyone else coping ? I feel cheated by the benefits system. I have worked all my life and pay all my taxes and when I need some support I feel so let down. How and when did you all go back to work ?? X
  2. Well thank you all for your replies. Win you had me in stitches ! I had a really sensible e-mail from the company that I purchased the eyelashes from and I was really impressed with their reply. The things us girls have to do..... Just need to stop poking myself in the eye x
  3. Thank you guys it is lovely to have found a place that are the same as me. I have finished a wonderful course to help with memory and coping strategies and most of the people there had suffered SAH's and it was wonderful to be with people who have been in similar situations as myself. It is fascinating how similar our after effects were and it brought me a lot of peace. I have told all the people in the group about this forum as they hadn't heard of it, so let's hope we get some new members.
  4. I am wondering if this is the first time this question has been asked, but I am hoping someone will be able to answer it. I have just purchased a pair of false magnetic eyelashes. When I opened the packaging there was a warning not use these eyelashes if you use hearing aids, pacemakers or defibrillators. So I am now wondering if they are going to be safe for me to use with coiling in the old head. Am I just being stupid ?? Apologies if I am.
  5. Not only do I have a crease since my SAH, my lobe is almost folded at 90 degrees. It's quite prominent. My Dad now has a crease and is going to get himself checked out just incase. He is not the healthiest of people and won't be told. A bit annoying as I was the one to have the SAH ?
  6. Hi, I'm Rachel and still adjusting to having an SAH. My story, I had a serious headache in July this year (2017) and after having it for 2 weeks and starting to vomit with it I decided to go to my GP. She wasn't happy with the symptoms I was presenting, so phoned my hospital and gave me a letter and told me to go to the assessment unit. Whilst there I gave blood, saw a doctor who did a few tests on me and told me I would have a MRI and CT scan. After spending all day there, I saw a senior doctor and 2 training Neuro doctors who decided I was not 'worthy' of the scans and was sent home with Co-codamol. Over the weekend I became increasingly worse and between the unbelievable headaches and vomiting I went back to the assessment unit on the Monday, to be told I was allergic to Co-codamol and to go home with diazepam. I did feel a little better until the following Tuesday (25th July) where I woke up in the morning with a 'bang' in my head and complete loss of hearing. I knew something was wrong, so tried to contact my Husband (couldn't so left an answer on his machine) and explained how I was feeling just in case something was to go wrong. Luckily my 16 year old son came with me (I am a dog walker) to help me that morning. I drove to pick up a couple of the dogs we were walking and all of a sudden I had to pull over as something was very wrong. I was violently sick, and told my son to call an ambulance and that was the last I know of things. I was rushed to hospital, where luckily someone recognised what was wrong with me. They stabilised me and kept me on the Neuro ward over night and then the next morning I was flown by helicopter to Bristol for an emergency coiling operation. Kept there for a couple of days until I was transferred back to my local hospital and back on to the High Dependancy Neuro ward, where I stayed for 3 weeks. My time on this ward was superb (what I could remember) and I thought the staff were faultless. So, I was sent home and now I feel I have been left to get on with it. I have been so lucky as I am in contact with Headway who are fantastic, but what happens with follow up appointments with my consultant ? This has completely come out of the blue, as I am sure it has for others, I am (was) fit, non drinker, non smoker, 42 years old with great blood pressure, and I can't stand being told that it is 'one of those things'. Has anyone had a similar situation ? I would love to hear.
  7. I definitely have a crease on my left ear lobe. I had my SAH on 25th July this year and this is something my Mum mentioned to my Husband when I was in hospital. She had already known it was a sign of stroke, so was very concerned when she saw the crease. I still have it and my ear lobe on the left side is different too. Strange.....
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