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  1. Like what your neurologist said to you. My husbands said the same to him when he was being treated that in 20 years of treating people he’d had no one come back to him again
  2. Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of my husbands PASAH and we will be off to Cyprus where it happened to celebrate our Ruby wedding Anniversary something at the time I never thought would happen. He is back to his usual self working full time and we are living our usual life although we don’t take things for granted and try to be more relaxed. When it happened we expected the worse. There is life after a PASAH and you need to value it more
  3. Hello Julian loved reading your posts. My husband is now 13 months post PASAH and doing well although we recently went to the pictures again and he said that the loudness bright lights triggered headache and also fatigue. Therefore I’ve read your posts out to him and he realises that he also has been a very luck man also.
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