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  1. Like what your neurologist said to you. My husbands said the same to him when he was being treated that in 20 years of treating people he’d had no one come back to him again
  2. Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of my husbands PASAH and we will be off to Cyprus where it happened to celebrate our Ruby wedding Anniversary something at the time I never thought would happen. He is back to his usual self working full time and we are living our usual life although we don’t take things for granted and try to be more relaxed. When it happened we expected the worse. There is life after a PASAH and you need to value it more
  3. Hello Julian loved reading your posts. My husband is now 13 months post PASAH and doing well although we recently went to the pictures again and he said that the loudness bright lights triggered headache and also fatigue. Therefore I’ve read your posts out to him and he realises that he also has been a very luck man also.
  4. This coming Thursday it will be one year since my husband had his PASAH whilst on holiday in Cyprus? On Friday we return back there for our annual holiday. We are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary this time not in a hospital intensive care unit. He is loads better back at work full time I am very pleased to say.
  5. Karen my husband is also on sertraline for the anxiety after his PASAH
  6. Cat woman he saw a neurosurgeon privately when we got back and had a scan and everything was okay but I’ve told him to mention to the GP about a follow up over here via NHS for a check up as well
  7. My husbands have subsided now and he hasn’t had one recently now. Last week he did have fatigue and he decided to listen to his body and take a day off work. He is 7 1/2 months post PASAH and doing well. You are really early days Gemmakeys my husband was still in hospital after 2 weeks. We have found this site very useful especially as my husbands happened whilst on holiday in Cyprus and therefore we had no follow up appointments with the neurologist who treated my husband and he just sees his GP Periodically.
  8. Told hubby he has been over doing it work wise lately and today he says he feels fatigued. We run a very stressful business and I’ve noticed he’s been over loading himself and last night he hardly slept for thinking about things that are going on. He is 7 months post PASAH
  9. Frmertd thanks for your kind words. Sometimes I literally was getting flashbacks but these seem to have eased off recently. Hope you are getting on well in your recovery as well.
  10. Our trip isn’t going too bad although I’m very nervous of things still. Last night hubby woke up feeling bloated from basically too big a dinner and I was a nervous wreck thinking it was worse as his PASAH happened after we’d gone to bed on our trip to Cyprus. We are literally using this as a taster for future trips
  11. Hubby is now six months post PASAH and I must say improving all the time. Monday we go on our week to Tenerife for a bit of relaxing and as you know his SAH happened whilst away in Cyprus so this will be a major hurdle to overcome especially for me. He says he is not worried at all. I am so glad I found this site as it has really helped me and my hubby. He is literally back working full time and we are managing to get back out to some level socially although not evenings.
  12. Welcome to this site which I was lucky enough to come across after my husband had a PASAH whilst on holiday on Cyprus in September. He is now 5 months post bleed and I must say has really improved over the last 2 months. He is back working more or less full time but still gets tired and could sleep,for England if I left him in bed in the mornings. It was very scary for us when the event happened being away for home and him being in hospital in Cyprus for nearly three weeks. I have found this site a god send and it has really helped us both to come to terms with what has happened.
  13. Have literally just booked us a week in Tenerife. Hubby will be 6 months post PASAH and we’re hoping for a week of relaxing and getting over the fear of going away. It has taken a lot of persuading by my hubby to convince all will be okay after the event happening whilst away in September but he says everything will be okay. I have made him check with his doctor first before I actually booked. I will still be apprehensive whilst there but it has to be done at some point
  14. Hubby yet again woke up with full blown night sweat and although he’s been on the doctors who did blood tests but nothing showed up therefore he’s going back to see him as it can’t be right. He doesn’t seem to dream so can’t tell if it’s night terrors. It’s worse than when I was going through the menopause
  15. I am exactly the same at the moment my husband wants to go away for Easter and feels okay with that. I’m his wife and I’m the one who is struggling to book although I have booked to go back to Cyprus the day after his 1 year anniversary of his bleed to the same place and know the hospital facilities are excellent and the hotel where we stay also. I google hospitals at the moment when looking to book somewhere. I think I’m more anxious than he is so totally understand where you are coming from everyone
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