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  1. My SAH was July 2017 and clipped. I hope was borderline with CSF not draining and overbalancing, think was just not taking enough care. Had a shunt put in in October. I’ve had it adjusted at Addenbrookes twice as they thought it was overdraining but once again this has made my balance worse so will probably have it back to original setting in two weeks when I see the consultant. Anyone else have problems with their shunt? I hate it but guess it’s doing its job.
  2. Thank you Swishy and Skippy. I only take paracetamol and not all day. Don’t think it makes any difference. I try with the water. Though def not two litres. Does anyone know if the spine gets affected without any csf? Why is the water so important?
  3. Hi Sarah thank you. The fatigue has improved a little in the last year. Sometimes I’m still up at ten pm! But often have to try a nap in the afternoon. My shunt adjustment didn’t seem to make any difference in fact balance is a little worse. I do miss my old self. Don’t you? Penny
  4. Do you suffer from headaches and dizziness from the time you get up until you go to bed? Thanks
  5. My shunt went in Oct 17. I hate it. Sounds like the sea in a seashell. I’m dizzy my headaches from when I sit up and so tired and my walking is wobbly but that could be the SAH. I have a big hollow down my neck behind my right ear and I can feel the tubing. ! Scary
  6. Daffodil. As dvla have my consultants comments and I can reapply after a year, but two months early they say. Did dvla write to your gp ? Obviously they wrote to your hospital re the op and shunt. Did you contact the dvla? Or did they just send your licence back after your re application. Gosh it’s a minefield and I am so cut off not driving
  7. Johnnie M. When I reported my SAH six months after the op they asked for my licence back. I re applied in January and they wrote to my consultant who said I’d had a seizure after my WV’s that was July 2917 so I have to wait a year but can apply two months before. As they have my consultants comments and that won’t change will they write to my gp now? I saw him in January and due to see him next week. He is happy for me to drive again. Any advise re dvla? I said last time I might lose my job if I couldn’t drive and they said they would try and fast process it. I hope they will do t
  8. Could anyone tell me if they had difficulty getting their driving licence back from dvla after a asah. I had one in July 2017 and a shunt fitted Oct 2017. I had a seizure after my op and I understand I have to wait a year. I’m about to apply again., I applied two months ago but after writing to my surgeon who obv said I’d had a seizure they said it had to be a year but could apply two months before. Has anyone else had problems? Did you get your licence back? My GP says I am fit to drive.
  9. Hi Kyarva i had a SAH &aneurism last July. I lost 2 1/2 stone in two months. I couldn’t eat in hospital was being sick and my jaw didn’t want to work. I lived on marks n Spencer trifles my sons got me in the hospital shop! Nurses weren’t bothered. I read in Brain & Spine that when they operate it can cut the jaw muscle sometimes ( I had a v low bleed near my brain stem) and it can affect chewing. It’s getting better now but my taste buds are rotten. Everything tastes strange and cooking and getting flavours right is awful. I’m hoping it will improve. Not sure
  10. Hello all. The weather is improving and I have some gardening to do. Not a lot as Paul Daniels would say but some tidying and pots planting. How do you all feel about putting our heads below our shoulders or waists. I had a SAH nine months ago. Still dizzy and a bit wobbly. But okayish
  11. Thank you super Mario and Wimb. It’s so frustrating wanting to do things but always mindful of the wobble. Is there no hope!!?
  12. Could anyone tell me if they too suffer from unsteadiness and dizziness when standing or walking. It’s 8 months since my SAH and clipping and 6 months since my shunt. I’m ok lying down or sitting but as soon as I stand I’m so unsteady and walk a bit like a drunk! Does it get better? My shunt is set for 1.5 and apparently is ok. I had it altered to 2.00 the other week and it was even worse.
  13. Hi everyone. A sunny day for a change here in Norfolk Uk. How did other SAH sufferers find getting their driving licence back from dvla after six months. They have written to my consultant but my heart is in my mouth!!
  14. Daffodil picked this up online from 2013. How are you now? Apart from being fantastic in your support for us all. Have you got any normality back. ? I had a SAH in July 2017 and shunt fitted in October. Still wobbly and headaches!! Does it get better? What can I do to help myself. So fed up with walking with a stick. Sorry but that’s how it is. No more 2mile walks with my springer. Does anyone know haw Long it takes to get a driving licence back. I feel marooned.
  15. Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s now 7 months since my SAH and nearly 4 from my shunt. But I feel so dizzy when I stand. It’s ok sitting or lying. The setting is on 1.5. It was adjusted to 2.00 as apparently it was overdraining a bit but that made walking worse so we are back on 1.5. There is a long wait for the Norwich balance clinic. Did anyone else have problems? Will it get better? I fell at the bottom of the stairs and banged back of my head 4 days ago. Boy it was tender. !! It seems lots of you have an almost normal life back. Maybe I expect too much too soon but after 7 months I dread
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