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  1. Thanks skippy, sorry for my rant earlier. Just feel like my recovery has paused and the frustration boils over, I thought I had accepted the new me but I guess in the early days it’s easy to accept the new you when deep down you think it’s ok I can get back to normal. The longer it takes, the more you have to accept that the old you is long gone. I will try speaking to my gp again about therapy, but last time I tried I was told the waiting list was about 10 months long for 6 sessions which I decided I would probably be ok by that time and even if I wasn’t I’m not sure 6 sessions wo
  2. So here I am 20 months post SAH and coiling, in constant pain laid in bed overheating. The levels of my frustration have got to breaking point, I feel so useless, I have no energy or motivation. I use to be a person who took on any and every challenge, a person people turned to for help and support. I hate this version of me, who sits and watches my family argue over who’s turn it is to cook or clean, my house is an absolute mess now with so many diy and maintenance jobs piled up and I can’t face coping with any of it. I feel so overwhelmed by all of it that I can’t bear to see it, so I shut m
  3. Just thought I would share this article I found as this is a fantastic explanation of what happens during an sah and why: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/a19995966/brain-aneurysm-symptoms/
  4. So I had my SAH in dec ‘17 and was off work for 6mths. I returned very gradually, starting with just 2 mornings a week, I’ve kept my boss in the loop all the way through and have had a great deal of support, making sure I wasn’t trying to do too much. I’ve slowly built up to now working 4 half days, my pay has been pro rata, surviving on 2/5 of my normal income has been tough, but we have managed just about as a family. The company I work for has recently been bought out by a very large global company and my boss has been made managing director of the site I
  5. I made it downstairs to the sofa today. My dog was pleased to see me, my two teenage sons still seem quite unsure around me, they are used to their mum just getting on with things, so this has thrown them. My fiancée has been incredible, I dread to think what I would do without her right now. I've never felt so tired and weak. My hearing is very strange, as if I'm underwater, music sounds out of tune and voices sound like high pitched chipmunks. I'm signed off work for 4 weeks and they want me to return sooner, I'm exhausted though, I slept for 2 hours after brushing my teeth and w
  6. So here I am two weeks after my bleed on the brain, home after the most confusing time ever. I remember the immense pain in my head and waiting for the ambulance, the scans at one hospital, then blue lighted to the neuro unit at another hospital. A coiling operation, more pain, scans, drugs and now I'm home and wondering if I will ever be the same again. This is a terrifying experience to go through, I'm glad I found you lot here. I'm hoping you can help me make sense of how I feel, early days I know and I can't say I'm looking forward to the path ahead. But onwards and hopefully u
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