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  1. Hey folks, So I'm 5 months out after my SAH and ever since I came out of the hospital I have to force myself to eat. It's like my appetite has completely reset itself back to zero and I need to physically set reminders on my phone and ipad telling me I need to eat (I'm not hungry but if I don't eat I get terrible migraines). Even when I do eat, half a boiled egg and I'm full. I've not mentioned this to my doctor as I don't see it as that important but I just wondered if anyone else experienced something similar? It's like the sensation of hunger has completely deserted
  2. Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce myself! I'm Claire, I'm 36 years old and unfortunately on the 22nd of November I had an undiagnosed Berry Aneurysm rupture causing a subarachnoid haemorrhage. If things had worked out a little bit differently, I likely would have been dead. My fiancée is a doctor and happened to be home on a rare day off on the morning it happened. I'd just come out of the shower and as soon as I left the bathroom, a headache hit the likes of which I have never experienced before. If he hadn't have been home, I likely would have put it down to a migra
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