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  1. Hi Mandy. Support and understanding from family members is harder than from friends and colleagues. Family see you every day and see you dealing with things differently. One of the easiest ways to show family how hard it is for you is to let them read some of our stories on BTG... There is a great video, explaining with words and pictures of your concerns. I found it a few years ago and have a copy. Its freely available to view by the way. Secondly, now people see us busy, trying hard and doing relatively normal things, don't see the internal st
  2. V.mama. have a word with your Dr. Ask if they can check for migraine issues, these often go hand in hand with a brain injury, these can be treated or monitored using blood tests/medication... Consider making a diary of activities rests, meals, sleep patterns and drinks too. You may find a pattern of stressful situations and then you can adjust the times to suit...
  3. Daffodil. I too have Hydrocephalus and a shunt, diabetic, Epilepsy, high/low blood pressure, diabetic highs and lows, now a possible heart condition to boot! The stress gives me headaches, like you too I use Aromatherapy too, I actually qualified as a very young fit man. I had a business in this field. I currently have 87 different essential oils in my collection.. several great base oils, 3 different burners/misters. One mister in my bedroom uses, Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and tea tree oils. All combined help keep my head and body very relaxed and n
  4. SarahLS a word you should take onboard is acceptance. It's an important word for you. Your old life is now different from the one you now live. Once you accept you are different your mind starts to respond to your new way of life. It took me nearly 8 years to do this.. but boy what a new life I have now.... A new word can be restart. Take a few aspects of how you lived before and try to adjust them to how you are now. I myself was caught in this trap for a very long time. Over the past 18 months my life has blossomed to something that I thought couldn't happen again.
  5. I've checked my sites that I use very often for information. In my usual search engine I typed in 'armchair exercises' I changed the search method to videos. Very similar to what I was taught by my instructor. Having spent 26 weeks rehabilitating I found them very easy on my body. I also use an exercise band to as it adds tension, but is generally gentle on you. Reading your records is a way to learn what has happened to you, but asking questions will give you better answers! I have my highs and lows in quick succession, making me feel like I'm a yoyo!
  6. Swimming is a great way to help strengthen your core. In my early day I spent a lot of time in water. Why? It takes all of your weight off of your body, allowing you to have some pain free moments. I use a pool that is about 35m long, I pretend to run, literally. So instead of swimming you're in the upright position, it's a little harder to do but boy it worked for me. More benefits are that you can't fall over in the water so to speak. Use a flotation aid to give you some support too. Start slowly then build up doing a whole width at first then a length. If
  7. Some great comments posted already, time, support therapy and Physio will all help you in the long run. Just ask away if you have any questions as we are open all hours. Taking your time restarting your life again is a must. Too much too soon and it may slow your recovery a little. Theres a lot of stories here on BTG, some will be of use, some may be funny, most are very informative and you can learn how we recovered and helped ourselves with help from other posters to get as far as we have. I wish you both the best of luck in starting your jour
  8. Welcome to your new group of friends. We all know what you feel, we have been there too. Just remember not to over do things, or do too much too soon. Things will seem very slow, recovery is different for each of us, some parts of each of our own stories may answer some of the questions that you might have. Theres a future for you to discover, take small steps, pause reflect, look forward and set small goals and continue your journey as it unfolds before you. Just pop in to the forums and find us, talk to us, share with us. Together we all learn...
  9. Oh, Jan if you want to know more read my large anni-versary post at 2137 on Saturday!
  10. Morning Jan. I too am alone, (ish). But, I've made some very special new friends too. Depression, reared its ugly head some time ago. I looked into getting support. I found a group called resource therapy. This is run by my local Council and NHS, it helped me so much. I'm no longer depressed as you can see from my posts. Although I don't tell everyone else about how I feel, I do let Elaine and Cookie know. They are my closest support circle. I'm guess I'm lucky enough in a way because I get to be rather silly at times! Playing at my shop, being
  11. Hi Michelle. Time flies by so fast doesn't it? I remember my 5th so many years ago. But looking back now my life is so much better. Like you it was about the same time for me when I fell from grace. Luckily I was surrounded with my friends. I did get help, but it lasted a mere 4.5 hours. I was booted out and left me to fend for myself. I did, its been very hard. Like you too, I found a great friend, Elaine is her name. But this came only 18 months or so ago. Even this time has flown. I'm rather private with my friends, I keep a lot
  12. Don't forget the winter warm discount applications normally open from next month. This Government payment can help you stay warm during the winter. This is worth £140 per year. You need to contact your own suppliers to find out when this years is open. It's a little later this year but you can apply earlier to get on the list... The Warm Home Discount Scheme for winter 2018 to 2019 closed on 31 March 2019. The 2019 to 2020 scheme will start on 14 October 2019. Info from here https://www.gov.uk/the-warm-home-discount-scheme
  13. This for me explains so much about me as a person I thought I would have to share... I posted this on my Facebook tonight. Some of you know my difficulties, some help by being able to understand me more than others. I don't always see my deficits but my friends do, they are there to help, guide and reassure me that it's ok to be different. Most of all it may appear I am an arrogant person, not so, this is one of my many self protective qualities. If you read the link you'll realise that I am awfully ill. I try hard to please and get things right,
  14. Sorry to hear about your loss, your tribute is very moving. Thankyou for sharing... Mike
  15. Macca, all. My journey started with the help from my daughter Cookie, then picked up by Elaine. Elaine has taught me how to love, how to remember I'm a man, different but still a man. Supportive, loving, caring and so giving. Elaine often asks why do I look at her with so much love in my eyes, I tell her why, I get the comment 'you're so soppy it's so cute' she says. I say no, 'thank you for giving me this experience'. Then I smile as she looks at me quizzically? But hey life is beautiful with her in my life, that's my reason for m
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