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  1. Hi JenniH, I had exactly the same experience. It was my first supermarket trip post-SAH and my wife asked me to go and choose a soup or two. I was completely overwhelmed by the choice and various colours and shapes. My wife found me in a trance-like state staring at the selection on the shelf. It was a real eye-opener and it did knock my confidence back. Happily I can report that it got better for me and, within a short time of easing myself back into old and familiar routines, supermarkets and other crowded spaces posed no such challenges. Keep positive...I'm sure you and your family will have a great Christmas together after a difficult year. All the best. Loose
  2. It's five years since my SAH and same-day coiling. Whilst I've been really, really lucky, I've learned to cope with a naggingly persistent, low-grade headache, the common afternoon down-to-the-bone-marrow fatigue and a number of the cognitive challenges that many of us face. Folk around me, especially family, have come to terms with my occasional excessive grumpiness, my inability to multi-task (I was never much good at that!), my hit-or-miss memory and the late afternoon appointments with my pillow! Now retired with plenty to look forward to, I keep myself busy with bits of lightweight volunteering, walking and watching sport. Best wishes to everyone as we continue with our recoveries.
  3. Hi Everyone, Been following the site for some time and very grateful to read the stories of fellow survivors. Time to share. My SAH (anterior communicating artery) was just over four years ago and was coiled within hours (not even a stitch in my groin - how does that work?). Phase-returned to work in a busy office after six months and reached full-time after eight. Despite adjustments to my working day and an employer who tried to understand my challenges, I struggled to keep pace, concentration and accuracy and my confidence was shot to pieces. I was lucky enough to get early retirement on ill-health grounds close to my fourth SAH anniversary. Now in retirement I'm volunteering two part-days a week and the new post-"bang" me is very comfortable with revised daily routines. Ongoing challenges include a constant (fortunately) low-level headache. Luckily I can just live with it as paracetamol doesn't touch it! Feels like my brain is being pulled downwards and is definitely worse if I haven't taken on enough liquid. I do get fatigued and often take a nap in the afternoon or early evening. Short term memory is not strong and I often start chores, get distracted and forget what I was doing. I can still recall details from all the FA Cup Finals in the '70s though, so that's ok! Pre-"bang" attributes (unfortunate tendencies toward grumpiness, unwarranted anxiousness and worry, struggling to remember names and numbers) are all enhanced, though I guess this happens with age, anyway. Still struggle to focus in busy places and completely unable to do more than one thing at a time (the pause button is in constant use if the family are seeking my attention during The Big Bang!). Great site, hope other new members are encouraged to share their experiences.
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