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  1. It's been a bad few days, got a phone call from the dwp saying my esa has been stopped,said I could apply for universal credit but not getting that either as my partner works full time. Headaches have come back with a vengeance now, back up to the same amount of painkillers as when I left hospital. People say I was lucky with my sah, but I don't feel like it right now,not sure what to do next,will it happen again as stress levels and worries increase.
  2. Well I'm not really sure if it went well or not as I think I'm still none the wiser, he asked how I was feeling, so I told him about the headaches and ringing in the ears and pains at the top of neck at base of head, I asked about the exhaustion I get from simple things like getting dressed in the morning and the answer left me a bit baffled." Your body is like a car engine and when it breaks down and you replace the part it doesn't run the same as before" The worrying thing I have is when I asked what caused it he said they didn't know, it wasn't an aneurysm , or other names I ca
  3. HI, I had my sah in January this year and I have my 1st follow up appointment on May 2nd, starting to feel nervous about it as I have no idea what to expect. I was hoping someone could tell me what I might expect and if I should be feeling nervous, I still suffer constant headaches which I'm learning to live with along with the constant noise in the ear.
  4. When will these headaches ever go away, sometimes they give me a couple of hours break, I try not to take too many pain killers now as I was told they can give you headaches, plus I'm afraid of addiction, don't know if that could happen. Saw my GP today to ask for another fit note for work, he told me i should be better now! After telling him I cant walk more than 200 yards without feeling exhausted and still have constant headaches, plus I showed him my letter for a follow up at the hospital in May he decided to sign me off again. On another note , does anyone get traces of
  5. Hi , nice start to the new year, admitted to hospital on Jan 2 with a nasah, after a total of 4 ct scans and 2 angiograms I was sent home on Jan 16 . On day of discharge I had my 2nd angiogram and told it was alright , have 6 hours bed rest and a doctor would come and talk to me , well 10 hours later and no doctor , I was given my meds and told I could go home. Still have a constant headache which varies in pain and sleepless nights. I took myself for a walk today and managed about 100 yards and was exhausted.
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