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  1. My goodness same thing for me August 2017 with my SAH. happen while I was with my Dad at the ER. He was there for what he felt was a heart attack which turned out to be a panic attack. while they were putting the leads on him I went to the restroom.. While I was doing my business I suddenly got a severe headache and what felt like a large dizzy / drunk droop. i started banging on the walls and screaming the best I could for help. next thing I knew I was being placed in a helicopter bound from Alexandria,LA to Tulane Hospital in New Orleans. Was there for three and a half weeks. Headaches were horrible and double vision was crazy. i was able to walk after 10 days (slowly). I felt dizzy all the time. at some points I was told I thought the year was 2012 and got other information wrong. Lucky things started coming back quickly and I recovered quickly. Its now been 5 months and so far the dizzy finally when down to about 5 percent from 90% all time. Headaches finally went away for the most part however it was horrible for the first 3 months. Now my new thing for some reason is fear of re-bleed although I have read that is very uncommon. Still even rotating my head is sometimes feels very scary. I don't share this with other people for the most part but the fear is real. However with each month that goes by It is seeming better to deal with. I'm back at work and driving. sometimes i get strange feelings in my head but they say its normal. Best wishes to you my friend.
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