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  1. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    Thank you Daffodil.
  2. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    What a great leaflet. Thanks very much for this.
  3. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    Thanks Catwoman
  4. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    Thank you all so much for your thoughts and advice. There really is very little information out there to help in times like this so I really appreciate it. It looks like we’re able to get an appointment with the neurology team for an update tomorrow so hopefully that will help too.
  5. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    This is exactly how it has been. There is certainly no manual for times like this. This is a really good point - asking them how they are assessing - I'm not sure we really do understand at this stage. I'll make a note to ask this. Many thanks.
  6. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    Thank you for reminding me of this. I'm beginning to see how important patience will be over the coming days, weeks and months. It's good to keep this at the forefront.
  7. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    That makes complete sense. Thank you
  8. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    Thank you so much. Thanks for the reminder to keep talking. It’s hard when you’re not getting any response, but it’s obviously so important. I really am so grateful for this site. It’s the most positive thing I’ve found.
  9. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    Yes, of course. I understand that. Really I just wondered if anyone had experience of similar. Thanks
  10. LoweySW

    Lowey family post

    Last Monday night my dad (75) suffered a grade 4 SAH. He was transferred to the regional hospital where the aneurysm was successfully coiled and an EVD fitted. Since then he has been in intensive care on a ventilator and has been through a cycle of being off sedatives in the day and then back on them at night. Unfortunately overnight the EVD clotted and he was rushed into surgery. Thankfully he made it safely through the operation and is now back in ICU. We’ve all gained comfort from reading people’s stories and recoveries. I know it’s early days. But we have a few worries that don’t seem to have been answered in the hospital. When my dad first came round from the general anaesthetic (which they kept him on overnight) he seemed to recognise us and grabbed and squeezed our hand. He was obviously drifting in and out of awareness, but a lot of the time he seemed to be able to respond. He initially couldn’t move his right hand side but through the first couple of days that movement increased and he can definitely feel down that side. Our main concern is that as the week has progressed he seems to be less and less aware of us. Partly he’s sleeping more, but also he’s obeying commands less and less and yesterday not at all. He was opening his eyes at intervals and we thought he was listening, but didn’t squeeze our hands when we asked as he had done earlier in the week. Does anyone have any experience of this? He just seems to have got weaker and weaker through the week and, of course, we’re all so worried. The plan each day is to try to get him off the ventilator (and sedatives so they can assess him better), but each day he’s weaker and coming off the ventilator seems further away. Earlier in the week he was trying to grab the ventilator out but now he’s just lying there. We're at a loss. Thank you so much