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  1. Yes it will be slow. I am amazed at how well he IS doing after reading what all could have been. The scary thing is, he's supposed to go back to a manual labor job in 4 weeks, if not, he will most likely lose his job. His health is more important however. He tried to drive a few days ago, and his brain told him he was still moving even though he knew he had stopped the vehicle at a stop light. That was scary. I didn't let him drive after that. Maybe he should, I don't know. That's something we need to tell his doctor, and get input. Thank you for yours. All is appreciated.
  2. My husbands job is physical labor, all day. We are concerned that they may place him at another location since being off work so long. FMLA only allows 12 weeks and then they can let you go if they wish to. Reduced hours would be nice but financially, it would not work. My hubby is very feustrated today because he wants to mow on the riding mower, but a family member came to do it. We are thankful, but he is just restless, and does not have the ability to do the mowing yet. Walking around got him exhausted earlier. I know frustrarion is part of the SAH. I'll keep everyone posted.
  3. Hello, im sorry i took so long to reply. My husbands DVT may have been caused by not being mobile for 9 days while in the hospital. A hemotololgist is currently testing his blood to check for clotting factors in his blood, to see if that could be the cause as well. He has always healed very quickly, and if he ever got cut, it would stop bleeding pretty quickly. I am hoping they do not find a clotting factor in his blood, so he does not have to take blood thinners from this point forward. It's scary. A few days ago, one of our cats was laying by one of his feet (not the one with the clot) and when he jumped off the end of the recliner, he accidently scratched my husband's foot. Almost as soon as he was scratched my husband's blood clotted from the scratches, even though he is now on blood thinners. The clot in his leg has dissipated a lot, because most of the swelling in his leg, and foot have gone down, but he has been up on his feet some today, so I will see how the swelling is really doing, from activity. He gets winded, and tired very easy, but he is no longer coughing up blood. I am concerned about him being so short of breath. It could just be from lack of moving around for nearly 2 months. He has 5 weeks left on his FMLA, which is family medical leave act, here in the USA, until he will need to return to work, or he could lose his job. I just threw that in there. Anyway, his color is back, he is looking a lot better, but he still worries me, because he says his headache pain goes up to about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 here over the past 2 days, and he told me today his neck was hurting a bit. I try to stress the point, that if the pain in his head worsens, or any new symptoms arise, he must let me know, so we can call his doctor. How do we cope? I just cope by knowing that for the most part, if it needs to get done, I do it. We have had some help from family with a few outside chores, but I have the rest on me. I am trying to take care of myself. I know I need to. About the filter. The doctors told him anywhere from 3 to 6 months, it will need to be removed. That's the next thing. He will need to be off blood thinners before that can happen. I never knew it was possible for the filter to grown into an artery. They never told us that. I'll not share that with my husband. He is already worried about having it removed. Thank you for your response. Your appreciated.
  4. Thank you for your input. Your much appreciated.
  5. Hello, it's been since February 25th since my husband's SAH. The blood has subsided from his brain, as of the last CT scan, the P.E. in his right lung is clearing up, but in March 16th he was diagnosed with a blood clot "DVT" in his right leg. His right leg, and foot has swollen twice the size of His left, and when he saw the haemotololgist last week, he told my husband that the blood clot runs the length of his leg. He is now on blood thinners, and is wearing a full length compression stocking. The doctors explained to him that he was in a catch 22 position with his SAH, blood clots, and blood thinners. At first they didn't want to put him on thinners when he had the pulmonary embolism, but when the blood subsided on his brain, they decided to do it. I have to watch him closely because they said if he had another bleed, it would not be good. He also gets dizzy, and has a little double vision from time, to time, and I noticed on a few posts here, that others have experienced dizziness, and vision issues after having a SAH. I too thought it might be anxiety, as some have thought here too. My husband was fortunate enough not to have had an anuerism, but they never found the cause of the bleed. I never even though about the dizziness being caused by the SAH. His headache pain level fluctuates from a 1/2 to a 2 now on a scale of 1 to 10. He is short winded, and very weak. I guess understandable after all he has gone through. It's just him and myself at home, so reading posts here is a good way to help me understand things, and I pass it along to my husband. Thanks for listening. Hope there are not many typos.
  6. An update: My husband had to be hospitalized because he developed a pulmonary embolism in his right lung, pneumonia, and protein malnutrition due to not wanting to eat because of the pain. The blood clot was due to being hospitalized with the SAH. They could not treat him with blood thinners because of the SAH, and said they were afraid thinning his blood might cause another SAH since they could not find the source of the bleed. They had to put in a filter in his main artery to try to prevent another clot. He is home now, and doing better. His color is coming back, and he is moving around. His head pain is down to a steady 1, and the pain in his lung is being controlled by pain meds. He is not coughing up as much blood as he was. He was hit with a double whammy! Im just thankful he is getting better. Just wanted to share.
  7. Thank you so much for your replies.
  8. I didn't know SHA was a type of Stroke until my husband's nurse told me. All we heard in the emergency room was the term "brain bleed".
  9. My husband had a non anurism SAH two weeks ago today. He spent nine days in the hospital in ICU/accute care, and was released one week ago. There is no apparent damage to his brain, other than the blood being on his brain still, and the constant pain he is still in. He has all of his motor skills, and is coherent. He seems weak, and lethargic, does not want to eat a lot, or drink lots of water, but I am encouraging him to do so. Any one who has gone through this horrible event, can you tell me how long it took for the pain to go away, and what you did to regain your strength. I also do not have a support system, no one to visit, or help. I am Caring for my husband alone. Any tips from caregivers on what I should do to help myself as well. Thank you in advance.