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  1. Jan67

    Scared again...

    aww, bless you all. Thank you, I knew this was the right place to come. Feeling much better now xx
  2. Hi all, I was a member on here years ago, had my SAH February 2008. I have made a good recovery with only minor things wrong with me. Until...I fell down the stairs on Thursday night, top to bottom, head over heels. I am physically battered and bruised, but mentally I seem to have gone to pieces. I am wondering why I fell down the stairs, it was the middle of the night and I was half asleep. I think I was going for a glass of water and missed the first step. It has made me think of all sorts of irrational reasons why it happened. I constantly relive the fall. Every day since my SAH, I have relived that too, but manage to cope. Just feel like I cant handle anything, feel pathetic, teary, scared...I could go on. Think I am turning back to you all for re-assurance that I am not crazy. Just silly and scared.