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  1. Areajay

    Carer new to SAH

    Hi Liz, I’m so new to this new life of SAH. My mother had an SAH and a subdural haemorrhage a week ago. She is doing well but seems to have similar issues as your mum. She does not enjoy eating and food tastes salty. But she is drinking well so I make up fruit and yogurt smoothies with sustagen and protein powder. She really enjoys these. She is still in hospital but will move in with us and my husband will probably stop work to care for her as this works financially better for us. I really hope things settle for her and your family. It’s a long and winding road! X
  2. Areajay


    You are all such an inspiration! I’m so appreciative of your comments and support, and to take the time to respond so positively to me. Thank you! Yes, you can call me AJ 😄 we have some more information - an SAH and a subdural. The specialist is ranking her 15 on the GCS. Tomorrow Mum goes to rehabilitation and then will come and live with us. I know how lucky and blessed we are to still have her and with a fairly good prognosis given her age. My husband and I have decided that he will give up work to stay home and care for her. It makes more sense financially for us. Any other tips about how to help her with memory and thought process would be great. Today she asked for a notebook so she can write things down before she forgot. I thought this is a big step forward. I work in the disability sector and have supported people with ABI, I have advocated long and hard for a good life for people who need support, and their families. But I feel completely out of my depth when it comes to my Mum. Your wisdom and encouragement is giving me strength and resilience. Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, My 83 year old mother had a SAH a week ago, cause of it is undetermined at the moment. She still has a bad headache and a lot of nausea, she also is very unsteady on her feet but hasn’t lost any movement, speech etc. However, she gets confused and her short term memory is affected. I think she is doing really well considering. Can anyone give me any advice on what to expect in her recovery? She is fiercely independent and lives in her own home although when she is discharged from hospital she will come home to live with us. I’d love to hear from anyone who has an ageing parent who has had a SAH. The thing that worries me the most is the risk of another SAH. We have not been able to speak to the doctor extensively yet due to Mum being hospitalised over Easter. I would also love some advice on what questions to ask. Much appreciated!