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  1. Ya it hurts - so my chiropractor said it’s a nerve pinched from when I hit my head. I think it sounds right and it’s not as bad as it was. I’m trying not to take pain reliever but just now had to because my ear started hurting again. I guess that’s why I think it’s a nerve pinch because the pain is in weird places and comes and goes. Still trying to get referral to neurosurgeon. But I do feel improved.
  2. So here’s a new update, ended up with severe shooting pain random times building In Evening they started on left top side of head then into ear as If I had ear infection now it’s behind my ear and down my throat. They just shoot sharp pain. So weird and doctor is a mess gives me anti biotic. Twice, Doesn’t work. So I am going to chiropractor at a friends suggestion. I’ll let you know how it goes. Anyone else get theses pains?
  3. Where would I be without you! The explanations from posts have helped me make sense of this mess!
  4. Hi again, appreciate all of your encouraging words here. My second scan was clear all good! It’s a strange occurrence though huh? My doctor says your good to go! But I still am so tired all the time. It’s been almost three months. Although, I do see a lot of improvement. My all day head aches and the noise in my ear is gone. Now I’m having sharp pains running down the left side of my head and in the bone behind my ear. Any ideas on what this is? It happens when I lay down to sleep. I do have TMJ from clenching my teeth. .......But I do realize how lucky I am in the overall.
  5. Hi everyone. I appreciate this site so much, I had a NASAH at the end of April this year, just getting started trying to figure out whats going on. I finally had my second angiogram yesterday and waiting for results. I have the brain freeze headache in the back behind my right ear, sometimes at top too, and the hissing in my right ear is almost constant. So I was thrilled to read other posts that say this is normal while I wait for my results. It helps so much. I see that when I read, work that will start the headache so I am pacing myself. Not used to this at all. Usually, being a working mother for years and now business owner, when I get feeling sick, I just ignore it and it goes away!! Not this time. So I'm hoping to hear good things from my GP when I return on May 5th. So happy to hear from you all that 3 to 6 months is normal before you start to feel better. Thank you again, Carol
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