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  1. Allyc


    Sorry for the delay in responding Kelly, wow, it’s a long process to get your licence back. I bet you were so happy to get back out on the road! Thanks to you and Johnnie, I wrote a complaint to the DVLA about 3 weeks ago. I called the DVLA this morning and they have sent me a letter today advising I’m going to be given a provisional licence to be able to do my driving assessment! I’ve never been so excited to do a driving test!! ally
  2. Allyc


    I have contacted the DVLA again this morning and been told they have all my information and it’s with the doctors. Apparently they have no idea how long it takes when it’s with the docs but I’m a ‘high priority’! I suspect they told me that to get me off the phone 😬😬
  3. Allyc


    Thank you I will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. I was super excited when I got home as I had a letter from the DVLA waiting for me to open! Unfortunately it was a tax reminder 😩
  4. Allyc


    Hi Johnnie, I called last week and was told I would definitely have heard something this week, so I just gave them a call, having received nothing. I was told that it takes them about three weeks to process information once they have it, which means it’ll take another two weeks! I will try and call again in the middle of next week. It’s very frustrating. Did you find it helped note it forward if you kept calling them to chivvy them along? Thanks for seeing how I’m getting on!
  5. Allyc


    I have my letters! One from the ophthalmologist and a letter of support from my GP. I sent it to the DVLA yesterday and am crossing my fingers it will be good enough for me to do a driving assessment. huge congrats to those of you who are back on the road!!
  6. Allyc


    It’s the letter saying my eyes have adapted that I am struggling with! I just wondered what sort of thing the letter should say, as I’m going to be referred back to ophthalmology for them to help. I hadn’t realised I needed a separate letter from the consultant saying it was a one off, I will get onto that, thanks!
  7. Allyc


    Thank you so much for your response. It sounds like you’re within touching distance of your licence! I bet you can’t wait! I have had loads of visual field tests at ophthalmology at the hospital and at Specsavers. As the six dots are grouped together, I failed the Esterman test and my licence was taken from me, frustratingly. However, as it’s now been over a year since my stroke I’m going down the ‘exceptional circumstance’ route. It just seems like no one is willing to write me a letter saying my eyes are compensating for the defect in my visual field!
  8. Allyc


    Hi all! I’ve just read all the posts above with great interest, I was 31 when I had my stroke in December 2016 and haven’t driven since. The doctors believe it was due to the dissection of the artery in the back of my neck, and were content it was likely to be a ‘fluke’. One year passed since since my stroke in Dec 2017 and I’m desperate for my licence back. The DVLA have sent me a letter asking for a medical profession to confirm that my stroke was a one off, I have no other visual defects etc and, the most difficult thing to prove, that my eyes had compensated for the small gap in my vision. I initially had Hemianopia (please forgive the spelling!), and it then quickly became quadrantanopia. Since then my vision has improved to the point where I have missed 6 points grouped together on a visual field test. I feel like my vision has improved so much since I had my stroke and feel confident to drive, but how on earth did anyone get a letter from a professional saying my eyes have compensated for the defect? No one wants to do it for me? What did your letters say that led to the DVLA returning your licence? The DVLA took my licence so I cannot go for a practical driving assessment to prove my vision is better until I have a temporary licence granted, and they won’t do this without the letter above. I’m in a catch 22. I read above about someone getting a letter saying that their consultant couldn’t confirm that their eyes compensated for the defect, but that they could confirm they were back playing sports, at work etc. Did this work? Id be very grateful for any help as I’m 16 months post stroke and still miles away from getting my licence back. Thanks everyone, Ally x